How to Catch A Bee

A hundred years ago, Nobel Prize-winning scientist Karl von Frisch proved that bees can see colour.  Just like humans, bees are trichromatic which means they have three photoreceptors in each eye and the colour combinations they see are based in those three colours.

Our colour combinations are based on red, blue, and green, while bees base their colours on ultraviolet light, blue, and green and this is the reason why bees can’t see the colour red.  They can, however, see reddish wavelengths, such as yellow and orange as well as blue-green, blue, violet, and something called “bee’s purple” which is a combination of yellow and ultraviolet light.  (That sounds like an amazing colour, but unfortunately, humans can’t see it.)
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Becoming Distinguished

When I first joined Toastmasters International, I was in awe of those Toastmasters who visited our fledgling club to assist us with learning what to do and how to do it and, right from that first meeting back in February 2011, I set my sights on attaining the highest level of educational recognition Toastmasters International bestows upon a member – the Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) award.

But a DTM doesn’t come easy.  It takes hard work and dedication, as well as service and commitment and, more often than not, the journey is a marathon, not a sprint, and can take years to accomplish.  For me, it took 7½years.
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Best Movie Experience

I love going to the movies, and even more so when it’s Gold Class – that wonderful movie experience where you lay back and relax in a comfortable recliner, share the room with only 38 other moviegoers, and have your pre-ordered food and drinks delivered throughout the movie at the time you specified when placing your order.

It is the ultimate luxury cinema experience and not just because of the wall to wall screens either.  There’s the crystal clear sound that can at times vibrate right through your chest and not another moviegoer sitting near enough to kick the back of your seat.
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I Will, I Promise

I saw this wonderful article on Purple Clover and thought ‘I could put my own spin on those resolutions, I’m a woman in the midst of a midlife crisis’.  Perhaps that’s why I connected so easily with what Sharon Greenthal had to say.

Granted I had those thoughts back in December last year when the article was written and it’s taken me this long to get around to creating my own version.

But as today marks the day I’m another year older, another step away from that half-century milestone, I thought this day was the perfect day to think (and write) about what I’d like to do, or change, about myself over the coming year – or years.
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Not Happy, Jan!

I would like to think my Aussie followers know exactly what I mean by the words:

“Not Happy, Jan!”

It’s funny how three little words from a television advertisement back in the year 2000 became part of Australian culture.  You really do need to watch the ad to get a feel for their true meaning.
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