Welcome to My Cosmos

This is where I come to share my thoughts on anything – from what’s happening in my life to what’s growing in my garden.

Sometimes I share recipes and stories about what I’m cooking in the kitchen but, to be perfectly honest, nothing fancy goes on there, it’s just easy, down to earth food.

I like to write poetry and short stories as well as the occasional (wonky) Haiku.  Although I must admit, doing so these days has taken a backseat to writing speeches for Toastmasters which I also share here from time to time.

Equally, I like to share photos of things I find interesting – like the Moon.  Yes, I’m a bit of a selenophile – or a lunatic.  Either way, I love photographing that big, beautiful satellite that orbits our planet.

Yes, it’s a cosmos here – my personal galaxy of thoughts and creativity – and I hope you enjoy what you find.