One Down – One To Go!

Yesterday we collected our new car.  Woohoo!!

It’s a black, 2013, ex-demo, Mitsubishi Pajero.  Stay tuned for some photos to follow. The car came complete with tow bar, nudge bar and rear spare lift kit (that’s to ensure you can open the back door when the caravan is attached).  Being an ex-demo model, we were able to save ourselves approx $15,000 on the price of a new car with the added bonus of a great trade in and the balance of new car warranty, the deal was too good to walk away from.  The dealer was kind enough to have the car serviced and detailed before we collected it.

I know you may be thinking that’s the least they could do, but considering we talked our way into the tow bar, nudge bar and lift kit, I was not expecting anything more.

With that, we now have one big ticketed item down – one to go.

Now we start shopping for a caravan.  Because the car has a maximum towing capacity of 3 tonne (3,000 kg), we have decided we want to buy a van that has a maximum GVM of around 2.5 tonne.  GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) is the maximum the vehicle can weigh when fully loaded and although the car has a 3 tonne capacity, we don’t want to be hauling that much.

My scary thought for the day – I have to learn how to tow!  This could be very interesting, but at lease I’ve been doing some research and found Tow-Ed who offer on-road and off-road towing courses.  We will certainly be attending.  My biggest fear is not being able to reverse the van.  (Ha! Ha!)  Seriously though – this is not funny – I need to know ‘how to do it’ before getting into a sticky spot and the money invested will be well spent.

In the meantime, I have to get used to driving a Pajero – again.  I think I might take Dean up the coast for a surf tomorrow morning, just for the sheer enjoyment of going for a drive.

Author: Clare

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