The Packing Fun Begins

Me with Dananjaya Hittiarachchi

I’ve been back from Malaysia for four days now.  The Toastmasters International Convention was amazing and an experience I’ll never forget.  You can read a little about the winners here.  I’m very glad I had the chance to attend the convention this year and saw both the qualifying and winning speeches by the 2014 World Champion of Public Speaking, Dananjaya Hittiarachchi, and (as you can see), I was thrilled to have my photo taken with Dananjaya.

I must say, after a week with our two youngest daughters in Melbourne, where the weather was rather chilly, the sticky heat of Malaysia was almost welcome.

Now that I’ve had my two mini holidays, the packing fun begins.

When we sold our home we had to move into a rental property and although we packed quickly, at least we only unpacked what we needed to exist.  Renting was to be a temporary measure while we played the property market game looking for that perfect slice of paradise we could call our next home.

We never expected to sell our home so quickly and have to rent.  We never expected our new home to be 20.5 feet of custom-build caravan.  We never expected to be taking a trip of a lifetime.  But life has a funny way of working out sometimes and here we are with heading off adjacent to the sunset now less than 10 weeks away.

I’ve started packing up our goods and chattels which includes repacking boxes that were hastily filled three months ago.

Day one – four boxes fit into one.

I hope I can keep this up and significantly reduce the storage space we need and hence minimise the costs associated with packing our life into a cupboard for a year or two.

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