The Planning Begins in Earnest

Today we started planning the first leg of our trip.  Let’s face it, if we don’t have a plan for where we will be during December and January, we may find ourselves camped by the side of the road and I am not going to let that happen.  I certainly don’t want to be fined for free camping in restricted areas just because we can’t find anywhere else to park for the night.

Camps 7 CoverI received my copy of Camps 7 a few weeks ago and must say it’ an amazing resource with listings of all camping sites and areas for every state, including free and low-cost sites.  The greatest feature of the book is the legend that details the facilities at each site making it (somewhat) easier to plan ahead.

Camps Australia Wide also produce a caravan park edition and I could have purchased both at the same time for a (slightly) discounted rate.

Not to worry though, the internet has a plethora of sites where you can view availability at various caravan parks across the country.

Turu is one such site that contains a comprehensive listing and is user-friendly.

Today I also played with Google and have created a calendar to help me keep track of park bookings.  I’m considering embedding it on a page under ‘Our Trip Plan’, but I think it needs a little more work before I do that.  Stay tuned.

I also spent some time packing a few odds and bods, took the car to have the windows tinted, then dropped in to Comfort Caravans to chat to Steve about the electric brakes and Anderson Plugs we need to have fitted to the car.

Steve believes our caravan will arrive from the factory this week.

I’m starting to get excited.

Author: Clare

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4 thoughts

  1. Not sure how much you want to rough it Clare, but it could be worth joining the caravan park groups like Top Tourist or ?something 4…costs about $10 and you save that on your first night…..also, December/January is top tourist time for c/parks, so don’t be left on the side of the road because the no vacancy sign is out….Hope to see you on Wednesday night to say goodbye before you go…..I am getting excited too for you….enjoy the anticipation…….Sue


    1. Thanx Sue. We’ve already joined the ‘something’ Big 4 🙂 and saved the membership fee when I booked the week at Emerald Beach for Christmas. I will certainly be joining other clubs as I make bookings. See you Wednesday night. Clare


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