Kings & Queens

Years ago, when Dean and I were first married, we had a big beautiful, King sized bed.  It was glorious, not too hard, not too soft and we each had our own sleeping haven within the bed – a personal comfort zone in which to sleep the night away.

Unfortunately, and not long after the honeymoon was over, we moved into a new home and were forced to downgrade to a Queen sized bed because the master bedroom was not large enough to accommodate a King.  (Yes they do build houses with tiny little master bedrooms.)

KingsnQueensWe slept on that smaller bed for the next 20 or so years, however, believe it or not, Dean continued to use the same sleeping space that he did on the King.  This caused me to start sleeping with my arm above my head.  Somewhere in my subconscious I didn’t want to be elbowing him in the back.  Unfortunately, while Dean slept peacefully, I gained a shoulder that attracted frequent visits from good ‘ol Arthur Ritis.

Five years ago, and following confirmed arthritis, we made the move back to a King sized bed to help alleviate the pain in my shoulder and, I must say, it worked.  I finally stopped sleeping with my arm above my head and my shoulder has been pain-free for at least the last four years or maybe more.

Alas, we now find ourselves back in a Queen sized bed.  Our mini home simply would not be mini if it housed a King.  There are a few caravans and Winnebago style mobile homes out there, as well as converted buses and the like that either have amble space or expander walls to accommodate a King size bed, but not our mini home.

By Australian standards a Queen bed is the same length as a King, however 12 inches (30 centimetres) narrower.  Granted that might only be slightly longer that the length of my forearm, but those 12″ make all the difference when taken away.

All bets are off – I’m determined to elbow Dean as often as necessary and will not put my arm above my head and herald the return of Arthur’s frequent visits.

KQDAdded to this though, the bed in our mini home is the width of a Queen, but the length of a Double.  Instead of sleeping on a bed we thought would be 6’8″, we’re on one that’s only 6’2″.

Yes that’s only 6 inches (approx 15 cm), but try telling my legs that!

Footnote:  In case you’re wondering, yes we did lay on the bed before we bought the caravan and I’ll say that again – we lay on it.  We didn’t sleep on it, and by no means am I complaining

I am just stating the facts. 

It is far better to be sleeping on a smaller bed than no bed at all or (heaven forbid), not embarking on our trip 🙂  I love my mini home, I love my new bed, I love my new life, I love the freedom and the lack of obligation to any employer.

Shortly after writing this post yesterday, I came across a solution – or I should say – I came up with a solution from a suggestion Dean made (He is good value).  Cushions can be placed between the mattress and the van wall to provide that little extra length when sleeping and removed during the day to ensure the space in our mini home is not compromised.  Bolster cushions will be perfect and three fit the space very nicely.

I have them on order from Sheridan (such a shame I couldn’t find them anywhere else 😦 ).  They should arrive early next week and both of us can then stop sleeping with our feet dangling off the end of the bed.

Author: Clare

Ever-expanding one star at a time, my cosmos is a galaxy of thoughts and creativity where you can find poetry, short stories, photography and so much more.

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    1. Thanx Rosemary. Perhaps next time I’ll think of trying Clark Rubber. The bolster cushions I ordered from Sheridan arrived and have resolved the problem very nicely. The bed feels like a Queen all over – top to bottom, side to side and both of us are now sleeping peacefully without our feet dangling off the end. Clare


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