Extras, Essentials and Everything Else

Not so long ago I wrote about the electronic enhancements we had made to our car in my thought entitled Cables, Cords and Controllers.  Even though these cost a little more than expected, with all the other ancillary items being purchased at the moment, the cost of the extras, essentials and everything else, is starting to add up.

Here’s a list of everything else we didn’t have, but now do:

  1. Car windows tinted – discounted via RACQ membership
  2. A 12 volt 24″ LED TV – easier on the eyes than a 19″ one
  3. Portable BBQ and a few accessories – see BBQ’s and Baby Q’s
  4. Bike carrier that has now been welded to the rear of the van
  5. Three bolster cushions – see Kings and Queens
  6. Two additional shelves in kitchen cupboards
  7. Queen sized bed sheets
  8. A portable printer and two ink cartridges
  9. (I should also add) A new iPod classic 160 GB
  10. And a funky little egg holder for the fridge

Items yet to be purchased

  1. A suitable caravan jack
    Wayne from CW Caravans suggested a six tonne bottle jack
  2. A 19 mm four way wheel brace
    This type will be easier to use if we need to remove the caravan spare
  3. The third shade wall for the awning
    Steve from Comfort Caravans is dropping this off in the next day or so

I guess all of this sounds excessive, but we are being sensible and only buying what we believe is needed – OK the iPod was a luxury, but I do listen to music every day.

Expenditure2Everything we are spending our money on, all bills and every item we have to purchase (or desire to), is entered into a file called Our Budget.  This is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet I’m using to keep track of our income and expenditure.

That’s the accessories at 24%.
I don’t expect them to be the greatest item of expenditure for too much longer :).

So far though, even with all the extras, essentials and everything else that we didn’t foresee when we made this decision to live a nomadic life for a year or two, we are still well and truly under the budget, we set back in July for the purchase of a suitable vehicle and mini home.

With only eight days to go, I hope we have covered all bases.  Even if we haven’t, it’s not as of we are heading to the great unknown or the middle of nowhere forever.  Initially, we will be staying in populated areas and within a short drive to any number of retailers and able to obtain whatever it may be that we need.

Footnote: Our Budget tracking file does not include the money to purchase the car or the caravan, nor does it include the money we are currently paying in rent. The file does contain everything else including fuel and groceries.

Author: Clare

Ever-expanding one star at a time, my cosmos is a galaxy of thoughts and creativity where you can find poetry, short stories, photography and so much more.

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