Not Just a Pretty Face

I quite often say to Dean “I’m not just a pretty face!” to which he replies (more often than not) “You’re not wrong there!”  You may take that anyway you like.  Heaven knows he married me for my good looks, but beneath all my surface beauty lies an analytical mind that simply cannot shut either off or up.

I can’t help it – I am really good at pondering puzzles and solving problems.

Years ago, I was determined to learn how to use a computer after we bought one for our daughters for Christmas.  Yes, sole responsibility for this lies with me and my Toastmaster friends are well aware of “My Clever Idea” that I turned into an award winning speech.  That speech took me to the highest level in the Humorous Speech Contest (District Convention 2014) where I was placed third.

Not bad for my first time entering a speech contest.

But seriously speaking, I had no idea how to turn that computer on and right there and then, Christmas Day 1993, with our daughters eagerly awaiting the miracle of mummy finding the “On” button, I was determined to learn, and learn I did.

My determination has taken me to many places and afforded me many rewards, some monetary, others personal and some even emotional.

  • I’ve been a programmer and managed work for over 50 clients;
  • I taught IT at a private college for almost 18 months;
  • I’ve worked in corporate training for 10 years;
  • I’m a Microsoft Office Specialist Master Instructor;
  • I’ve traveled to Chile twice and Canada once with work; and
  • Even designed and coordinated the development of an application that was then deployed across countless projects around the world (in-house).

Not bad for someone who couldn’t turn on a computer.

Now though, I find myself in slightly unfamiliar territory.

  1. Blogging;
  2. Social Networking; and
  3. Caravaning.

When I started writing this blog I had no idea what I was doing, but I guess I’m getting there with it.  I’m also learning to be more social and in recent weeks reactivated my (rather redundant) Facebook account.  I’ve now linked my social networking sites together and hope I’m not pestering everyone with pins, likes and plus 1’s.

But as for Caravaning – who knows what trouble Dean and I will get into, or for that matter, how long it will take for us to get out of it.

One thing is for sure, I’m proud of my mind remaining just the way it is – always thinking of how to solve puzzles and alleviate problems.

Here’s my nine step solution to:
“Securing awning shade wall to the ground!”2014-10-24 11.21.21

  1. Head over to your nearest hardware store and purchase five metres of elasticised rope – aka bungy cord;
  2. Cut said rope into the required number of lengths (we needed 11);
  3. Melt cut ends to inhibit outside weave fraying excessively;
  4. Working with each piece, thread through an eyelet in the hem of the shade wall;
  5. Secure with an overhand knot;
  6. Pass to husband to firmly secure said knot;
  7. Loop over tent-peg that husband has partially hammered into ground;
  8. Get husband to hammer said peg until flush with the ground; and
  9. TA DA!  Problem solved!

Now I know my friends who go camping all the time have most likely done this more than once or twice and are probably thinking I’m not the first person to come up with this idea, but I swear, I did think this up all by myself.

Dean had sent me to Bunnings to buy “mini bungy cords” and when I couldn’t find ones small enough, I stood there and thought, and then I thought some more and arrived home with the solution well and truly mapped out.

Not too bad for someone who claims to be Not Just a Pretty Face 🙂

Author: Clare

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