The Hardest Word

Adeiu – Adios – Arrivederci – Au revoir – Bon voyage – Cheerio – Ciao – Farewell – Hasta la vista – Hasta mañana – Nos vemos – Salut – See ya – So long!

The language used doesn’t really matter when the meaning of the word is the same and for me at the moment, “goodbye” is the hardest word I have to say.

We’ve done this once before.  Packed up our possessions and moved elsewhere when work and a much-needed change of life and lifestyle saw us move from Townsville, in Queensland’s north, to Brisbane, the state’s capital, situated in the middle of a region known colloquially as the Great South East.

We arrived in the middle of winter when the average day time temperature felt colder than Townsville’s overnight minimum and we spent the next three months praying for the weather to warm up.  The house we rented had an aspect that was not conducive to attracting warmth and we didn’t own a heater.  At least we had lots of blankets and plenty of warm clothes courtesy of our one and only holiday to the Victorian alpine region two years earlier.

Even though being in the snow may have been the coldest I had ever been in my life (up to that point anyway), the cold I felt when we arrived in Brisbane was different – we weren’t on holidays, we were living in the midst of frigid, frosty and freezing air that permeated our bones.  I can still see the girls going off the school wearing gloves, beanies and turtle necked skivvies under their uniforms.

At the time we made the move to Brisbane, our daughters were young and (we decided) able to survive the emotional trauma of leaving their friends.  Our eldest felt it the most, but being the bubbly, lovable girl she was (and still is), she quickly made new friends.  Our other two daughters were much younger and I guess for them it felt like a big adventure or permanent holiday.

But generally, holidays come to an end.

Tomorrow morning, Friday October 31, 2014 at 10 am, having packed and secured our possessions in our mini home and hitched it to our car, Dean and I will quietly drive out of the caravan park where we have stayed for the last 4 1/2 weeks and head up the coast to the Dicky Beach Caravan Park where we will enjoy a week of relaxation at Deans favourite surf beach.

We will return to Brisbane for three nights after that so I can go to QPAC to see Professor Brian Cox and attend the Toastmasters District 69 Semi Annual Conference.

On Monday November 10, 2014, devoid of any fuss or fanfare, once again we will hitch our mini home to our car, but this time we will head south – into the great unknow – leaving behind our eldest daughter and all the friends we’ve made while we called Brisbane home.

Brisbane has been good to us and our girls.  The last 21 years and more have been fun, sometimes frustrating, but above, they’ve been fabulous years.

I know, as we drive away, heading off into the great unknown, I’ll have more than a tear or two roll down my cheek as I silently say farewell.  Despite what Elton John had to say about it, I’ve always found “goodbye” to be the hardest word.

Author: Clare

Ever-expanding one star at a time, my cosmos is a galaxy of thoughts and creativity where you can find poetry, short stories, photography and so much more.

6 thoughts

  1. Hope it all went well today, have been having computer problems and the Telstra man is still farnarkeling with the laptop…ongoing since 2pm today!!
    Thanks for the chat yesterday, really enjoyed it, the time did run away with us so I hope you weren’t too late for your luncheon.
    It is not goodbye it is just au revoir. We will keep in touch electronically and I can follow your big adventure….enjoy…you will be missed…love…Sue


    1. I will miss you too Sue and was so glad we were able to find time to have a wonderful chat over coffee and cake. (I wasn’t late for lunch.) As I’ve just said to Denise – Au revoir!!! Au revoir!!! Au revoir!!! 🙂 and I hope you continue to enjoy my blog and our big adventure.


  2. It was exciting to see you farewelling Steve and Mel at Scope Caravans this morning – we had just arrived to have a chat with them as you were leaving – and the light went on in my brain – it was you – heading off on your adventure! Have a wonderful time – live, love and laugh – life is full of memories to make! 🙂



    1. Oh Rosemary, fancy that 🙂 Dean and I just had a little chuckle to ourselves when we read your comment. Lovely to meet you, even if it was just a quick passing glance. Memory making begun bright and early this morning with a lovely bike ride around the south side of Currimundi Lake before breakfast. Thank you for your best wishes, we are certainly intending to live, love and laugh our way around.


  3. When I was a little girl and off to school I would call out to my mum to say good bye but all I said was “See Ya” !!. I didn’t realise (until years later ) that she got upset because it was such a flippant throwaway line. Time goes by and years later I had a special friend that never said goodbye it was always “au revoir”. Since then I also have adopted that phrase and very rarely say goodbye and as it is in this case my dear Clare it will never be good bye – just “au revoir”.


    1. Thanx Denise – to you I say, completely devoid of any flippant throwaway meaning, Au revoir!!! Au revoir!!! Au revoir!!!

      You are my dear friend and I will miss you so much.


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