Dicky Beach

Thoughts on Location No 1

Dicky Beach, Caloundra, Queensland

Our mini home is not the only caravan we have ever owned.

In early 2002 we purchased a second-hand caravan, I think it was a Windsor Little Ripper, but essentially, it was a double bed on wheels and all 14 foot of it was amazing.  It was a little three birth pop top complete with a full annex to house the fold out beds for the girls and we loved it.  We holidayed in several locations around the Great South East and northern New South Wales – with and without the girls.

One of the places we frequented most was the Dicky Beach Family Holiday Park.  Although it has been over two years since we have stayed at the caravan park, it is still Dean’s favourite surf beach and hence the stop over at Dicky Beach before we head south. Who knows how long it may be before Dean can surf here again.

I must say though, I had to smile when I was checking in.  The gentleman on the reception desk started giving me the rundown on where things were – how to find this, that and the other – and I politely said: “It’s OK, I know my way around the park.”

He asked “Oh, have you been here before?” and then looked down at my details on the booking system and said “Oh, yes you have! 53 times! WOW!”  I just smiled.

Yes, we have stayed in this caravan park a few times, but even though it has been more than two years since we have, the park hasn’t changed much at all and we have had many, many day trips to Dicky Beach for Dean to get his surfing fix.

Staying here though affords a luxury that days trips never can – evening walks along the beach away from all the hustle and bustle and devoid of the noise associated with the humdrum of city life.

Walking along the beach late in the afternoon is almost a guilty pleasure, particularly after the sun has set behind the dunes.  It is a wonderful, relaxing way to finish the day, a big beautiful Moon rising over the ocean to the east and the slow and steady ebb and flow of a gentle tide the only sound to permeate your ears.

I almost forgot why we love Dicky Beach so much.

Our Stay in Brief

It was so hot when we arrived that it felt like a huge storm was brewing.  For me, storms are the one thing I am really frightened of and now even more so that our mini home is exposed to the forces of nature.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, whichever way you want to look at it, no such relief was anywhere in sight and not one drop of rain arrived.  The wind, however, was brutal and walking along the beach for the first couple of days was like being sandblasted.  I’d never seen water blown off the beach before and our walks were not long or far either.

We did go for a long bike ride on Tuesday morning from Dicky Beach to the north edge of Wurtulla – about eight kilometres or so one way.  It was a lovely ride and so refreshing riding along the southern and northern edges of Currimundi Lake, even though my front tyre had an argument with a patch of sand that saw me go head over handlebars and bite the pavement.  Luckily I didn’t break anything; I was just the recipient of lots of bruises and a few missing patches of skin.

(I can’t say the ride home was as pleasant, but I got there without the need to send Dean back to return with the car to scrape me off the side of the road.)

Dean was able to surf five out of seven days and most importantly, he was able to make the decision regarding which surfboards to take and which ones to leave behind.  He has five surfboards ranging from a Malibu to a Blob and in between he has a Fish, an S7 Quad, and a 6’1″ Gun.  The Blob and the Gun are the ones that will remain behind.

Late yesterday we went for a long walk along the beach from Dicky’s to the mouth of Currimundi Lake (about three kilometres each way).  It was such a pleasant way to farewell an area we love so much.

Little Shell

While we walked along, I was so excited to find this gorgeous little fan shell. (Or Scallop shell.)

It is so beautiful and perfect; a true wonder of nature and a tiny precious little gift from the ocean, a treasure really, just for me to remember Dicky Beach.

Shell and Coin

Just to show how small this perfect little shell is, that is a 20 cent piece and believe me when I say that I don’t have any software at my disposal to ‘air-brush’ the photo.

(Why would I want to do that anyway?)

Our seven nights at Dicky Beach were relaxing and quiet and the best way to start our big adventure.

Today it’s back to Brisbane for our last three nights before disappearing south on Monday.

Author: Clare

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    1. Thanx Marilyn, I am so happy you are now able to follow our journey around Australia and we simply ‘could not’ head off without saying goodbye to Dicky Beach. Clare


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