Yamba – Part 1

Thoughts on Location No 4

Yamba, Northern Rivers, New South Wales

We arrived in Yamba, early afternoon on Tuesday.  True to my word, upon leaving Ballina, we had no booking.  We decided we had to find the right place first.

Initially, we called into Evans Head, and although the caravan park there is large (the receptionist boasted it was the largest one in New South Wales), after walking around the park and assessing the available sites, we thanked them for their time and moved on.

In 2011, Dean and I hired a Britz motorhome, pointed the nose south and disappeared for 14 days.  It was absolute bliss.  Much like now, we had no plan, no timetable and no restrictions on what we would do and where we would go.  We did have a map and a rough idea and landed in Yamba for two days.

We loved it.  Yamba is a quiet little spot with enough shops to stock up on food (and alcohol), buy those R-clips we so desperately need and enjoy a meal at the Yamba Bowling Club.

The caravan park itself fringes Yamba Bay in the mouth of the Clarence River and is only a (very) short stroll to the beach.  We are parked next to a garden bed and under a beautiful old fig tree, a huge Norfolk Island Pine and a Queen Royal palm tree.  After the heat of Ballina, the cool of the shade has been a very welcome relief indeed.

We have three more nights in Yamba before we move onto somewhere else.

I might even be a little sad to leave this lovely area.

Author: Clare

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10 thoughts

  1. You Lucky Ducky…only knowing where you’re gonna be and what you’re gonna do for the next 3 days and not knowing your next destination…or from the tone of your words…”not caring either”…that’s living whilst the rest of us are existing!
    Cheers…Steve Davis


    1. Oh Wise Owl – But I did!!

      Unfortunately I missed the Yamba Yabbies meeting as we arrived the day after their meeting, but these things happen. I am catching up with Jan for a coffee tomorrow.



  2. Gidday, if you want a great Chinese meal go to Tom’s on top of the hill…tell him Sue and Eddie Braz said hello, he is a great cook…are you going over to Iluka on the ferry, you could probably take your bikes, it is just flat and the pub is a great meal right on the river….all else is normal…..enjoy and yes, still jealous….Sue


  3. The Clarence Valley is a great spot…I have lived here near 15yrs and love it. The Bowling Club at yamba is where we have our Toasties meeting…enjoy your time here 🙂


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