Yamba – Part 2

Final Thoughts on Location No 4

Yamba, Northern Rivers, New South Wales

We loved it so much in Yamba we made the decision to stay an extra week.

The weather was close to perfect and even though a few wet days were predicted, no rain eventuated beyond a brief shower one evening.  To be honest, we were not prepared to drive away from where we were nestled in Yamba Bay, enjoying the cool sea and river breezes.

During our stay we enjoyed a trip to MacLean, the town that calls itself ‘the Scottish Town in Australia’ and I must say I’m glad we didn’t miss seeing the tartan painted light poles.  They certainly were a sight to behold.  We walked up and down the main street enjoying the brightly coloured poles and historic buildings, we then drove up to the lookout and stopped by the Scottish Cairn.
(No photographs – we lived these memories rather than capture them.)

Our time in Yamba was restful and relaxing, but also packed with fun activities.  We had a day trip to Iluka, enjoyed walking along many beaches in the area, did a coastal bushwalk, went for several bike rides, Dean surfed most days and (wait for it), I went swimming for the first time in more than five years.  Surprise, surprise, unlike the Wicked Witch of the West, I didn’t melt.

Fig TreeThe caravan park we stayed at was the Calypso Holiday Park.  It wasn’t anything flash or special, a little old perhaps, but clean and that’s the main thing.

The best part of being there, in my opinion, had to be the wonderful tree we parked next to.  I couldn’t even fit it into the lens.  (Sorry this was just a quick snap before we left this morning.)

With the garden bed and tree on the west side of the van, most days our mini home was cool and comfortable and this made all the difference when the temperature was (apparently) on the hot side of uncomfortable.

Yamba is a very quiet area and I would definitely recommend it as a must location if you are looking for somewhere to unwind and ‘get away from it all‘.

I was a little sad as we drove south, leaving Yamba behind.

Author: Clare

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4 thoughts

    1. Hey Melissa,

      We certainly did have a wonderful time and now that we are in Grafton, I feel so much hotter and sorry to have moved on.

      Next stop Wooli, back on the coast and (fingers crossed) cool sea breezes.

      Love you heaps and looking forward to arriving in Melbourne in a few months time.



  1. As a teenager growing up in Sydney my parents would take us kids to Yamba on the school holidays. We had an old “campervan” – the pride and joy of my Dad. We had the best time in Yamba with many happy memories. Glad to hear it hasn’t changed at all. Thanks for bringing back those happy memories. Must go back there 🙂


    1. Hi Val,

      Glad to be invoking such happy childhood memories.

      My parents had an old “campervan” too and we travelled back and forth from Townsville to Ipswich for many family holidays, stopping at lots of different places along the way. We also camped at many watering holes in North Queensland and I think we were the envy of everyone else in the neighbourhood.

      Looking forward to see you some time next year.

      Take care



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