Thoughts on Location No 5

Grafton, Northern Rivers, New South Wales

Being the commercial hub of the Clarence River, our stay in Grafton was only a stepping stone on our way to our next location and a must for collecting a few supplies and (never-ending) accessories.

Dean needed to replace a set of fins he busted while surfing at Yamba and apart from the usual groceries, there were a few other items we thought we could find in Grafton.

For example, a 12-volt fan that will be very handy indeed for those hot nights when we may find ourselves camped by the road side somewhere – a possibility that is becoming more and more likely as the Christmas holiday season looms and vacancies in caravan parks become less and less likely.

After finding one, buying it, taking it out of the box and turning it on, I promptly returned it and received a full refund.  I thought it may have been faulty and took it back to have it replaced, but two others made exactly the same sound that the sales rep aptly described as sounding like a mini generator and he agreed he would rather sleep with the heat than the noise the fan made.

Grafton is famous for the Jacaranda Festival and although we were too late to witness the visual spectacular of streets lined and carpeted in the flowers of this magnificent tree, there were still a few late blooms to enjoy.  I do love the Jacaranda tree and have done so for many, many years.

Jacaranda bloom above our mini home.

We stayed in the caravan park area of the Grafton Greyhound Racing Club.  It was nothing fancy however provided the basic necessities, power and water, was grassy and quiet with clean amenities and a very unusual element of security.

The gate was locked at some point on Tuesday evening, not that this affected us, but we were not told this would happen and, had we gone out, we might have found ourselves unable to get back in.  I understand this is a standard practice for show grounds that offer van sites and camping areas, but, as I said, it would have been nice to be told.  It would also have been nice to have had the gate unlocked at some point on Wednesday morning.  (It remained locked until Thursday morning.)

Thankfully the club has two gates and the other one was either not locked at all, completely obliterating the sense of security, or it was locked and then unlocked while we slept.

Next time we arrive at a similar type of camping area/facility, I’ll try to remember to ask about the locking/unlocking of the gate just in case we decide to step out and hit the town, or more accurately, in case we want to pack up and head off early in the morning.

Author: Clare

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4 thoughts

  1. Hi Clare, my daughter’s boyfriend’s grandmother lives in Grafton and lives around the corner from these showgrounds. Hannah (my daughter) has been to Grafton, but didnt know about the jacaranda festival. I remember the only time we’ve been to Grafton was on the way back from Nescastle and Fiona was very sick with a migraine. We stayed at a nice place by the river for the night, after visiting the local hospital..! Safe travels and I hope you guys don’t get locked up again any time soon..!


    1. Hi Andrew,

      Lovely to hear from you and the trees are an absolute wonder to see when they are in bloom. I’ve seen a few streets of
      Brisbane ‘pretending’ to hold a candle, but sadly fall way too short of the purple visual spectacle on show in Grafton.

      We have seen it once before and sorry we missed it this time. Locked gates are now well and truly on our radar 🙂



    1. Hey Kim,

      I would never have thought to ask about the gate, but know to do so now.

      Sorry about the envy, we are having a ball. Don’t work too hard today 🙂



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