Miscellaneous Trivia

Dean and I were chatting away last night, having a good giggle about our antics and realised there are so many things I’ve forgotten to tell you, therefore …


Here’s a list of miscellaneous trip trivia – enjoy 🙂


Dean and I laugh every day, either with or at each other.

We miss Kate, our eldest daughter who lives in Brisbane, and can’t wait to see Shelley and Melissa, our daughters who live in Melbourne. 

I don’t miss work and neither does Dean.  We do miss our friends.

I have towed the caravan twice now.  The first time was from Caloundra to Brisbane, the second time was from Ballina to Yamba. 

Yesterday I backed the van onto a (grassed) site and our neighbour said “Great job!”  I beamed with pride, and because I told him it was my first time, he said, “Well then, that was a really great job!”

I miss my Toastmaster clubs, the Toastmaster friends I’ve made and I haven’t written a speech for just over a month.

When we set out on our trip, I wanted to find a cowry shell, something I could treasure and say I found it myself.  So far, I’ve found at least one on every beach we’ve been on and have already collected 14.  I even found one in the shell graveyard at Iluka Bluff.

Dean had a watch on (an expensive one) when he went surfing at Yamba and it was two days before he realised it had been gifted to the surf gods.

I found three abalone shells, they are only small but full of pretty colours.

I tried to cook a cake in the Baby Q and it was completely inedible.  Dean still doesn’t know what this “cake” thing is that everyone talks about.

My attempt at making you think about what it was I hadn’t done for two weeks with Time to Play a Game was too easy, but I laughed and laughed when our eldest daughter thought I hadn’t shaved my legs.

In Grafton, I had a Chicken Parmigiana 6-inch sub from Subway complete with avocado and garlic aioli and all the salad veggies and it was really good.

I work on my blog most days, sometimes adjusting the look and feel or answering comments, other times writing and editing new ‘thoughts’.  I really enjoy it and often wonder why I didn’t start writing a blog years ago.

My attempt at cooking biscuits in the Baby Q wasn’t any better than my attempt at making a cake with more than ½ the batch ruined.

On the way back from Red Rock, I pushed my bike up all three rises in the road.

Most of the featured images and photos on my blog I’ve taken myself and I know I’m not a terrific photographer, but I do try.  I’ve created some of the graphics myself using Word, Excel and Wordle and image capturing software.

I had Chicken Parmigiana at The Amble Inn Hotel, Corindi Beach on Sunday night and didn’t post the review I wrote because the meal was so bad.  Because, if you can’t say anything nice …

We have registered as house-sitters with Aussie House Sitters and our first ‘job’ is in January on the shores of Lake Macquarie for 19 nights.

My feet and heels are soft and supple thanks to Mother Natures beauty remedy – walking along the sand.

Dean just told me that maybe I should rub my face up and down the sand.

See what I have to live with?

Don’t worry, even though I have tears of laughter streaming down my face, I’ll get him back for that – eventually.

Author: Clare

Ever-expanding one star at a time, my cosmos is a galaxy of thoughts and creativity where you can find poetry, short stories, photography and so much more.

11 thoughts

    1. Hi Miss Emma,

      How lovely to hear from you. Glad I can still make you laugh and judging by the response to my trivia, I think perhaps I should try to be funny more often.

      Miss you



  1. Nothing like a bit of dermabrasion!!!! not sure if that is spelt correctly…house sitting, what a great idea….sounds as though you are still having fun and the parmas haven’t really improved….lol


    1. Hey Sue,

      I agree, nothing like a little dermabrasion for the soles, but won’t be rubbing my face up and down the sand any time soon. I hope I get to have a nice parmagiana when we get to Coffs Harbour. Surely I’ll strike it lucky then and yes, we are really excited about doing some house sitting.



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