Corindi Beach – Part 2

Final Thoughts on Location No 6

Corindi Beach, Mid North Coast, New South Wales

One of the first things I noticed when we arrived at Corindi Beach was the colour of the grass.  Whether it had been raining just before our arrival or not, the grass in the area was a deep lush green and evidence of the ample rainfall in this area.

The second thing we noticed was the tranquillity.  Despite being only 1.7 kilometres from the Australia’s National Highway 1 (less than one kilometre as the crow flies), we were not able to hear the traffic at all and most days were blessed with overwhelming sounds of the surf.

Our stay at Corindi Beach was 14 days and nights of peace and quiet, interspersed with only a few days of heat, a couple of nights of rain and thunder, bushwalks, beach hikes and shell collecting.

Dean Surfing

Most days saw Dean in the water surfing either out the front of the caravan park, or just down the road at Arrawarra Headland.

The waves were so good one day, I thought I’d have to send out a search party.  He’d been gone for over four hours and I was just starting to get worried when he dragged his sorry, exhausted butt back for breakfast.  But if I thought that was a record, he outdid himself the following day when he was in the water for 4½ hours.  A testament to not only how good the surf was, but that it (the surf) was perfect.

We highly recommend Corindi Beach as a must visit location.

We are now 20 kilometres down the road at Moonee Beach, another park in the North Coast Holiday Parks chain and will make our way to Emerald Beach on Saturday.

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