Wangi Wangi Bushwalk

It’s been awhile, and about time we headed out for another bushwalk.  There are lots of parks and walking tracks in the surrounding areas around Lake Macquarie where the avid bushwalker can get lost (hopefully not literally), but Dean and I selected a semi-sedate walk along the Wangi Circuit Walking Track around Wangi Wangi Point.

Part of the Lake Macquarie State Conservation Area and managed by the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service, our first thought was that the area was very neglected and, perhaps, it had been quite some time since a park ranger had been to inspect the condition of the park.

Trees had fallen across the track in a some places and in other areas the track was almost indistinguishable.  But we easily managed to respectfully ‘carve our own path’ through the tall grasses and get back on the track.

In hindsight, these aspects of the park gave it a more authentic feel and we found ourselves lost in the area for almost two hours.  We were thrilled to find a couple of staircases that lead down to the edge of the lake allowing us to look out over the water.

What I found surprising was what we found at the edge of the lake.

Thousands, and thousands of shells.  I know that Lake Macquarie is a salt water lake, that the water ebbs and flows with the ocean that keeps the water within the lake, but I was so surprised to see the shells.  Faded white and bleached from years and years of sun exposure, I can only imagine how long they’ve been there.

Click on the image to enlarge it – you can even see the bleached remains of a crab.

Bleached shells and crab.
Bleached shells and crab.

Author: Clare

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  1. Gosh Clare – I grew up on the Lake (Toronto). I guess Wangi is a bit different to how I remember it, so many of my friends and their families used to go camping for the whole 6 weeks of the school holidays at the Wangi camp ground. I’m glad you enjoyed your walk there. I can almost picture where you were when you took that photo!

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