City of Lake Macquarie

Thoughts on Location No 10

City of Lake MacquarieHunter region, New South Wales

For those of you who may not be aware, Dean and I have been house sitters for the last couple of weeks, minding Gary and Leonie’s home while they’ve been holidaying overseas.

Their house is situated in the suburb of Rathmines, on the western side of Lake Macquarie and we’ve not only been house sitting, we’ve been looking after their tabby “Princess”, and tending to a few other chores like watering the garden and maintaining the pool.

Princess eventually took a shine to me, but I think this was only because I was the hand that fed her.

Computer Campanion No 2
Why aren’t you scratching me?

Most days she would nuzzle into my hand for a scratch, but she quickly learnt to be patient and wait until I was ready to scratch her – even if she had to lie on the table behind the laptop waiting for me to finish reading one of my favourite blogs.

I was even lucky enough that she thought my lap a suitable place in which to sit, but I’m glad I have the reflexes of a cat and avoided her claws that one time I tried to pick her up.

Not quite every day, but perhaps every other day, Dean drove to Redhead beach and spent a little time in the water surfing – praying mostly for a good wave and priority over the other surfers.  I chose not to go with him every time, because there had been a very large shark prowling the waters of Newcastle and at times like that, I don’t want to be around and prefer to NOT think about my seal out in the water.

As for the City of Lake Macquarie, it is a lovely area, and there are lots of things to do, but, geographically speaking, it’s a little too undulating for our liking.  Neither of us have been for a bike ride since arriving and we are starting to feel the effects of being (a little) dormant.

Caravan parks can be found all around the lake and judging by what we saw, they are very popular places, particularly at this time of year with families holidaying before school starts again at the end of January.

Here’s a list of some of the things we got up to while at the City of Lake Macquarie:

  1. It didn’t take us long to find Redhead Beach where Dean could go for a surf – only 30 minutes away and unfortunately the most populated 200 metres of surfing real estate.
  2. The shark prevented any surfing at Newcastle.
  3. I had a few walks along the Redhead Beach while Dean was surfing and as hard as it was to find a shell, I managed.
  4. We saw “The Hobbit – The Battle of the Five Armies”.
  5. The following week we saw “Taken 3”. (Yes, we should have saved our money on that one, but sometimes I have to watch boys movies.)
  6. We were house bound for three days while it was raining and too miserable to be out and about – luckily though this happened during the last (Cricket) Test Match between Australia and India.
  7. We saw Melissa and Steven when they called in to see us on their way home to Melbourne.  It was a wonderful surprise.
  8. We had a lovely walk around Rathmines and even managed to follow the edge of the lake for quite a distance.
  9. We drove an hour to spent an afternoon at The Entrance where we enjoyed lunch and waited for the Pelican Feeding.  It was a shame it was so hot and we couldn’t stay longer than we did (both of us were starting to feel sick).  On the way home we discovered it had been almost 40°C (104°F).
  10. Finally, the last thing we did was go for a bushwalk around Wangi Wangi Point.

We left the City of Lake Macquarie behind yesterday and are now at Katoomba in the Blue Mountains.  I can hardly wait to tell you about what we did today.

Footnote: You should take a look at the blog I was reading Peak Perspective, it’s terrific, a place where I find inspiration, and a real hoot.

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