Thoughts on Location 13

Gerroa, Illawarra Region, New South Wales

Dean and I found Kiama to be a lovely town, full of history and lots of interesting sights to see.  Although we chose to stay a little further down the road at Gerroa, over the five days we were there, we visited Kiama three times.  From the Big Blow Hole to the Little Blow Hole.  From the Lighthouse to Cathedral Rock and the remnants of an old quarry.  From the many old building to the surfing beaches.  Everything about the Kiama Coast was lovely.

By far though, and the best aspect of our stay, was the drive we took through Kangaroo Valley.  We followed the road through Myra Vale and onto Robertson, then went back to Kiama via Saddleback Mountain.  It was a lovely day out.

Carrington Falls
Carrington Falls

Along the way, we stopped in at both Belmore Falls and Carrington Falls, enjoyed a superb lunch at a little coffee shop at Robertson and finished the day at the Saddleback Mountain Lookout where you can see an amazing panoramic view for 198 kilometres (123 miles).  It stretches from the southern fringes of Sydney in the north, all the way down to Milton in the south.

I tried to capture the view using the panorama assist on my camera, but the photo didn’t turn out all that good.  All the same, you can see it in the gallery below.  You’ll find I’ve added two new galleries – one is a few landmarks, the other some micro-photography shots.  (OK, to be honest, they are just a few close-up photos.)

Click on the photo of Carrington Falls and have a closer look.  To the right, at the top of the falls, there’s a white dot.  Click here to see what that white dot is.

We spent five nights at the Seven Mile Holiday Park situated on Seven Mile Beach.  The park as two areas – beachside and riverside – and we were (naturally) on the beach side, just a short walk to the ocean.

Seven Mile Beach - Attempt at Panorama Shot
Seven Mile Beach – Attempt at using Panorama Assist on my camera – you can almost see the extent of the length of the beach.

The caravan park was quiet during our stay, but some of the ‘regulars’ told us it gets very busy, and hence noisy, with the weekends being a popular spot for those wanting to get away from the city and relax.  Only 133 kilometres (82 miles) south of Sydney, it’s location is a little further than Brisbane to Kingscliff and slightly less than Brisbane to Noosa Heads – two distances Dean and I are more than familiar with.

The amenities block was new, and the manager said the park is getting a ‘make-over’ soon, but as it was, I thought it expensive and rude to have a shoulder season from February 1 through to April 30.

This is the first caravan park we’ve come across that has a 13-week shoulder season, their prices higher than normal (low season) even though the rate was lower than that paid during peak season.

Although I wanted to walk the beach, neither the weather nor the tide were suitable.  Perhaps next time we’re in the area.

Kiama and Kangaroo Valley

Some close-up shots I took

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