(Swan) Lakes Entrance

Thoughts on Location No 17

Lakes Entrance, Each Gippsland, Victoria

Our stay at Lakes Entrance started so promising.  We rode along the foreshore twice and enjoyed a lovely walk or two along the Lakes Entrance Foreshore Reserve.  On each occasion I ventured out without my camera.  I won’t do that again.

Within 36 hours of arriving, the skies greyed over and the rain set in.  We were stranded inside our mini home and isolated from the outside world for four days.

At least I managed to get a few photos of a couple of black swans swimming in the Cunninghame Arm before the rain set in.  I was thrilled to see the black swans, they were so beautiful and graceful, although a little hard to photograph as they were swimming at the time, moving across the water looking for food.

Beautiful Black Swans at Lakes Entrance
Beautiful Black Swans at Lakes Entrance

I quickly counted more than 40 of them up and down the Cunninghame Arm, some of them were way off in the distance and a few closer to the shoreline, although they were completed surrounded by tourists taking happy snaps.  I just tried to photograph them from afar.

We stayed at the Eastern Beach Holiday Park on a very large grassy site.  The park was busy, but not overly so and the park managers were lovely, very friendly and extremely helpful, three attributes you look for but sometimes don’t find.  I found it refreshing to be so warmly welcomed and looked after.

I also found the park to be in an ideal spot, away from the noise of the main shopping area and set back from the highway far enough that you couldn’t hear the traffic.  It was also within easy walking distance to the beach for surfing and fishing.  Dean could have had a terrific time, but there were no waves and no fish biting, just plenty of rain.

I do imagine Lakes Entrance would have been wonderful place to stay if the weather had been nicer, but, after four days of no sunshine, we left Lakes Entrance behind on Thursday seeking somewhere dryer.  We are now a little closer to Melbourne, but only a just. 

Author: Clare

Ever expanding one star at a time, my cosmos is a galaxy of thoughts and creativity where you can find poetry, short stories, photography and so much more.

8 thoughts

  1. I believe it is a beautiful part of the world but one I have not explored…rain seems to follow you….you could have been back in sunny Qld, (HA!)…had something like 10inches in the last couple of days …at least no damage like the poor people further north…..love your stories…..


    1. Hey Sue,

      You’d think I’d learn. It seems that (sometimes) we arrive in the sunshine but it only lasts a day or so, but no more. Nevermind. It means a lot that you are enjoying my stories and our journey.

      Glad to hear your ok after the mammoth rainfall – I’ve been following on the ABC News channel.

      Take care, love to you and Eddie



  2. Hi Clare
    You are in a beautiful part of the world. As a youngster we used to go there at times for holidays, haven’t seen the place since the late 70’s. Would love to go back one day. Take care. Ian


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