Thoughts on Location No 18

Seaspray, Wellington, Victoria

What a wonderful little treasure Seaspray turned out to be.  After the rain at Lakes Entrance, once again, it was nice to dry out for a few days.

We stayed at the Seaspray Caravan Park adjacent to Ninety Mile Beach, Australia’s longest beach, and no, we didn’t walk all of it, though we did explore the beach in the vicinity of the caravan park, and I collected some shells from the plethora of them littering the beach.

We also enjoyed a bike ride around the area through a sea mist that was an incredibly eerie experience.  Visibility was down to approx. 20 metres (21.8 yards) and it was like riding in the rain, without the messiness of getting wet.  The mist rolled in just after 9:00 am and hung around until 11:00 am.  The feeling it created was unusual, I felt as though it absorbed sound as well as sight.

But this was not the only unusual thing we saw.  In this photo there are three different types of birds.

Pacific Gull and Crested Terns
In the water with the more commonly know Silver Gulls are Crested Terns.  There are three of them and they look quite funny with their spiky hairdo.

The Dodo sized bird on the right is a Pacific Gull.  Ok, so it’s considerably smaller than the Dodo, but it is Australia’s largest gull, only found along the coasts of southern Australia, and despite its name, the species is seldom seen on the Pacific coastline.  We watched them for ages.  They were huge compared to the other birds and clumsy, almost Albatross like, when taking flight with their legs going crazy across the sand while they madly flapped their large wings.

Pacific Gull Pacific Gull in flight

The caravan park was terrific.  All the sites are extra-large, wide, grassy areas with more than enough room to stretch out.  We’ve stayed in some places that barely provide an area for the van and the car, let alone a little additional space to open an awning.

It was evident there had been recent renovations with new amenity blocks scattered throughout the 230+ sites.  We choose a site close to a gate within easy distance to the beach and were isolated for three days with no other caravan, camper trailer or tent parked anywhere near us.  I guess it helped that it was not a busy time for the park, but also consideration on the part of the managers to spread everyone out.

The park managers were lovely and even refunded us $10 when they realised they’d overcharged us.  Now that’s something you don’t get often.

The only thing that spoilt our stay was the beach, so to speak.  There were marsh files everywhere and they thought I was a good meal.  I had 18 welts on my lower right leg after a walk one morning, enough to put me off walking along the beach the next day.

Author: Clare

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