Mountains of Blue

The Blue Mountains, given that name due to the blue haze that hovers above them, is an area renowned for spectacular scenery, plant and wildlife and densely populated forests of oil bearing Eucalyptus trees. Thus, it is commonly believed that the blue haze blanketing the mountains is created by the atmosphere whereby dispersed droplets of Eucalypt oil combine with dust particles and water vapour to scatter refracted rays of light which are largely blue in colour.

Original passage found here.

7 Replies to “Mountains of Blue”

    1. Thanx you Calen,

      I was amazed at the beauty of the Blue Mountains, it was breathtakingly beautiful and I was equally amazed at the photos I took while we were there. I hope to get back there one day, hopefully before I’m incapable of doing all the bushwalking.



      1. Pleasure Clare. Do drop by and have a look at my work. Please feel free to share your response.


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