Thoughts on Location No 19

Melbourne, Victoria

We had six days in Melbourne and during that time there was a thousand things we could have done, but we only had three goals:

  1. See our daughters who live in Melbourne;
  2. Visit our caravan manufacturer; and
  3. Catch the Spirit of Tasmania to Tasmania.

Goal No 2 was the first thing we did, spending a few hours with our caravan manufacturer having a few (little) problem fixed.  I’d been in touch and made arrangements earlier regarding when we would arrive and even though they knew we were coming, we were still impressed with how efficiently they went about their job, fixing all the identified problems.

Goal No 1 was the main reason for spending time in Melbourne and we were blessed to not only spend a huge amount of time with our two daughters who live there, but our daughter who lives in Brisbane flew down for the weekend and we got to spend precious time with her also.

Anything else that happened in Melbourne is negligible.  We didn’t go to the theatre, we didn’t travel on either a train or a tram, we didn’t go into the city, we didn’t go to a gallery.

I could go on about what we didn’t do, but that would just be boring.  We did exactly as we planned to do, and honestly, not much else.  Except for spending way too much time in traffic.

We stayed at the Melbourne Big4 Holiday Park in Coburg, only 15 kilometres (9.3 miles) north of where our daughters live in Richmond.  Those 15 kilometres though may have been one thousand and fifteen kilometres as each trip we made from where we were to where they were seemed to take an eternity.

The Melbourne Big4 Holiday Park was nice enough, busy, and although in close proximity to two major roadways, we found it rather quiet.  We had an ensuite site (that’s a site that has its own private bathroom), and even though our mini home has its own ensuite, sometimes we have to pay the extra money because “I’m sorry, we don’t have any other site that you’ll fit onto!

I didn’t think our mini home was that large, we’ve certainly seen some caravans that rival the Taj Mahal.  Personally I think park staff over-estimate the amount of room we need and that just ends up costing us more money.

We had spent one night at a park in Wantirna, but only because I thought our caravan manufacturer was at Camberwell, just a short trip from Wantirna.  At the last-minute I discovered I had confused Camberwell with Campbellfield – not hard to do considering – but not only is Campbellfield more than three times the expected distance from Wantirna, I almost had a full blow melt down over driving through the morning peak hour traffic towing our mini home.

Lined up waiting to board the ferry.
Lined up waiting to board the ferry.

AND … I wasn’t driving, Dean was.

As for Goal No 3 listed above, we boarded the Spirit of Tasmania on Sunday night for the nine-hour trip across Bass Strait and arrived in Tasmania at 6:00 am on Monday morning.


More about that in my next update.

Author: Clare

Ever expanding one star at a time, my cosmos is a galaxy of thoughts and creativity where you can find poetry, short stories, photography and so much more.

12 thoughts

  1. There is nothing quite as sweet as being reunited with the family that you love. Being reunited with the family that you don’t love is another matter and usually something we tend not to blog about, but LUCKY YOU! Three girls who hold the key to your heart. That’s some first class parenting, Clare (and Dean!).
    I’m holding my breath with excitement as I really lucked out in the parenting department too, and I’m taking a full 24 hours off to go visit my folks tomorrow. There is nothing quite as sweet as making them cook for me, laugh at all my stories, and knowing they will let me win at gin rummy–and all for the price of just showing off their spectacular genetics. Occasionally I will offer to do the dishes.
    Can’t wait to read about and see all the glories of Tasmania. Safe journey!


    1. Hey Shelley,

      The wonder of parenthood always makes me cry and laugh at the same time and Dean and I are so blessed to have three beautiful daughters who are wonderful, clever, thoughtful, and well adjusted, responsible young adults. We know we did our job when we sit back and look at them. It was such a joy to spend time with all of them after being on the road for almost four months, not know when we might get to see them again. Have a wonderful time with your parents and yes, just sit back and allow them to bask in the glory of what their genetics created. 🙂



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