Photo of the Week

This weeks Photo of the Week was taken Monday
(March 16, 2015)

Surf in Tassie
(Not Dean on the Wave)

No, sadly, this is not a photo of Dean on a wave.  Dean took this photo (not me) at Scamander, just a short drive down the road from St Helens.  I chose it as the Photo of the Week because is shows many things:

  1. There is surf in Tassie, you just have to wait for it;
  2. When the waves arrive, they can be a decent size; and
  3. If you’re lucky, you can have them all to yourself.

As an Added Bonus

Here is Dean on a wave.

On a Wave at Scamander
The photo was taken on Thursday March 12, 2015.

6 Replies to “Photo of the Week”

  1. Hi Clare,
    What a great journey you’re both having…’living’ I think they call it!
    Cheers, Steve

    Liked by 1 person

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