Beauty is …

Beauty is seen below the skin.
Beauty is your glow, shining within.

Beauty is sunshine, rain and earth.
Beauty is life, love and worth.

Beauty is found in salty tears.
Beauty is seen in passing years.

Beauty is knowing, playing your part.
Beauty is your strong beating heart.

Beauty is life’s sweet dizzying wine.
Beauty’s simply, your hand in mine.

– ⋅ o ♥ o ⋅ –


Classy and Fablous

The Beauty Challenge

Write ten sentences about Beauty.  Each sentence must contain only six words, one of which must be the word beauty.  Finally, finish with a favorite quote on beauty.

Join me – What are your ten sentences about Beauty?

Thank you Prakesh Hegade for passing this challenge on to me.

11 Replies to “Beauty is …”

  1. Hey Clare, I love this 😊 every word is true.
    Beauty is self control and beauty is in our will. Beauty is in being pure and can be found in the stillness.
    Love to You 😊

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