Photo of the Week

This weeks Photo of the Week was not taken last week.
(It was taken on Saturday March 21, 2015)

A Promise of Things to Come
A Promise of Things to Come

As you know, I’ve been picking wild blackberries and making some yummy dishes with the sweet fruit I’ve collected.  See The Vicious Berry and A (Not So) Crumby Idea.

I thought the season was coming to an end, but although I’m only harvesting less than half a bowl every second or third day, the bush is still flowering and berries are still ripening.

Besides making jam and a crumble dessert, I’ve also used some of the jam in a marinade on chicken wings.  I used equal parts of jam, honey and tomato sauce and then cooked them on the Weber.  They were sticky, not too sweet considering the jam and honey, and they were more than finger-licking good.

(You could use any jam and I would have used soy sauce, but I didn’t have any.)

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15 thoughts

    1. Hi Olivia,

      Perfect 🙂 Thank you for joining in and sharing your photo of such a beautiful sunset (somewhere in Victoria, is that correct?)



  1. I too haven’t been able to help myself and found huge ripe blackberries along the disused railway track at Mt Field. We’d been given some really ripe, really big red apples so we put the two together, simmered and strained them and then, up to a rolling boil for a good 10 minutes. Apples and blackberries are high pectin fruit so the ensuing jelly set itself and is absolutely beautiful! Such fun in Tassie! 🙂


    1. And I’m sure they’ll all be gone long before I get there. I have another 1/2 a bowl today, so I think I’ll make a little upside-down cake. Maybe 🙂



  2. my photo/s of the week are pretty special – not because they are particularly good photos, but because they are the first I have taken on a camera for several weeks, as my 15 year old Canon camera stopped working when I accidentally put the card in the wrong way and pressed down!

    they are also special, because they are photos of my newly hatched chicks, the first time for two years that I have switched the incubator on and put some eggs of unknown fertility in to hatch – they did! Have a look here!


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