Little Mushroom

I seek the fae, who

Danced and sang upon your top.

Are they hiding near?

Little Mushroom
Little Mushroom

14 Replies to “Little Mushroom”

  1. YAY!
    Wee Ones! Sprites and Fay,
    Bringing thrills to me today
    You know they’re there
    If you are able to hear
    The whispers of the tiny voice
    And while you think you have a choice
    It’s not at all in your head
    Thought that is too often said
    Tis dancing merrily in your heart
    And of your being, an integral part!

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  2. You’re so level headed and on task with all this computer stuff. I don’t think I would have suspected you were a “spritely” person, too! Nice to get to know that side of you as well. šŸ™‚


    1. Oh Calen,

      This one is just for you:

      All geek I may be in my head,
      It helps provide my daily bread.
      But wait, there is another part,
      For I’m all faerie in my heart.


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      1. LOL! I love it! Are there a lot of legends of the fae folks in Australia? I don’t believe I’ve ever heard Kim mention anything (except Tolkien creatures!).


      2. No, I’ve never seen FernGully. I think my kids were older when that came out. I will have to check out the website!


    1. Thank you Calen,

      Dean photographed it yesterday when we were out bushwalking. I just had to comment about the what the ‘little folk’ had been up to before they heard our footfalls.


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