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This weeks Photo of the Week was taken Yesterday
(April 12, 2015)

Little Blue Lake
Little Blue Lake

Little Blue Lake is where we found ourselves yesterday morning, on the road between the little hamlets of Pioneer and Gladstone in the north-east corner of Tasmania. 

The lake is quite beautiful to look at and the iridescent colour of the water is the result of reflected minerals at the bottom of the lake.  It was originally part of the Endurance Tin Mine.  It’s difficult to find information about the mine, but I did find this blog entry interesting reading.

There is another, much larger lake in the area.  Funny enough, it’s called Blue Lake and it’s off the road up 4WD track.  As we were in the area, we thought to visit it as well, but after speaking to a local who informed us the road was unstable following some recent rain, we decided seeing Little Blue Lake was enough for us.  We didn’t want to chance getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with only ‘One-Dot Telstra’ reception on the mobile phone.

Click here to see Little Blue Lake on Google Maps.  The blue of the lake is quite distinctive and to the left you can see the large Blue Lake, although it’s colour doesn’t show quite so well.

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  1. Such a lovely photo Clare – and I’m so sorry (but not terribly surprised) to read it’s a result of tin mining. That article you included a link to was a very interesting read. Thanks 🙂


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