Time to Celebrate

This is Thought No 100!

It’s hard to imagine that I’ve written and shared 100 thoughts with everyone.

I started blogging in July last year purely as a means to easily keep in touch with family and friends as Dean and I travel around Australia.  I never imagined I would like blogging so much and I hope everyone still enjoys reading about where we find ourselves and what we get up to.

We’ve been ‘on the road’ now for 172 days and we are still having a wonderful time.  Friday next week we will depart St Helens and head south to Hobart, exactly six months to the day since we drove out of Brisbane towards Dicky Beach, the first stop of this wonderful adventure.

Those few days we had at Dicky Beach were so hot, I remember questioning how was I going to do this.  How was I going to survive the heat?  After all, I’d spent 20 years working in air conditioning.

Cold MorningBut survive it I have.

172 days later and it’s a bit chilly this morning, our coldest morning yet and actually less than 3°C (37.4ºF) and my fingers feel frozen sitting here typing.

The image below is a photo of the trees on the western side of the property.

As you can see, the sunlight is just kissing the tops of the trees, everything else is blanketed in shadow and the first winter frost.

(Sorry no photos of the frosty ground, I’ll try again tomorrow.)

Sunlight touches the paddocks and the front door around 8:00 am, but it takes another hour or two for any warmth to arrive.  Yesterday there was no warmth until after lunch.  With the temperature expected to be considerable colder today, I’m wondering if there will be any warmth at all.

It might be time to get out the gloves and scarves.

Sunlight on the Trees
Sunlight on the Trees

Dean has left to ‘check out the waves’, but I expect him back any minute.  There hasn’t been any surf for the last five days, however, I think it might be just a little too cold for him to get in – even if there is a wave or two.

I apologise if you’re waiting for the Photo of the Week. 

It will publish a little later today.

Author: Clare

Ever-expanding one star at a time, my cosmos is a galaxy of thoughts and creativity where you can find poetry, short stories, photography and so much more.

2 thoughts

  1. Brrr!!! That sounds a little chilly, like you I have wondered if I would survive the heat this year, it has been so prolonged and intense, but survive I did…..there is finally a little autumn in the air now and a blanket has gone on the bed. Your trip sounds fabulous, really jealous, though I must admit your April’s fool joke nearly got me as it was so plausible……we are missing you at Toasties….have you been to any meetings??? love to you both..Sue


    1. Hi Sue,

      My fingers have finally warmed up, but only because I keep rubbing my hands together.

      I miss Toastmasters too. There isn’t a club in or near St Helens, but a few in Hobart, so fingers crossed, I’ll get a ‘fix’ in a coupe of weeks. Sorry about the April Fools Day joke – I couldn’t help myself.

      Love back at you.



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