(Almost) Beyond Words

Back in 1993 I was working for Australia Post pulling night shifts, and most times sorting mail by hand in the wee hours of the morning.  This would be incoming mail from other mail sorting centres interstate and a prized task to be assigned.  (Sometimes it was a blessing to sit down.)

It meant that most of the mail you sorted was interspersed with postcards from glamorous locations elsewhere.  As you arrived at a postcard, you’d quickly flip it over and glance at the exotic place someone else was writing home about.

One of the highly regarded postcards was from Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, and all those years ago, I started dreaming of one day seeing this incredible place for myself – one day.

What a sight!
What a sight!

We arrived at lunchtime and after quickly setting up our mini home, we caught a shuttle down to Dove Lake to ‘take a quick look’.

Tasmania really turned on the charm today:  Blue skies and sunshine, the temperature reached 13.5° C (56.3° F) well above the predicted maximum, and a light dusting of snow adding the finishing touches to a sight (almost) beyond words.

After discovering we had enough time, we took the two-hour walk around the lake – an amazing, exhilarating, and altogether breathtaking experience.

Tomorrow we’ll go walking somewhere else in this amazing place.

Author: Clare

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22 thoughts

  1. Pleased that you are having good weather for this special area. Like others we enjoyed our walk around the lake. Wonderful to fulfil another dream.


  2. Good heavens, I’ve never seen blue be so “blue” before. That is utterly breathtaking. I envision this spectacular walk around the lake. Lucky ducks, you and Dean.
    And Calen’s photo of Jenny lake? I’m filled with this desperate urge to drop everything and rush on out to where you all are. Obviously, that side of the planet has been paid special favor by the universe.
    Truly beautiful spots, Clare!

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    1. Thank you Shelley,

      Being at Cradle Mountain on such a beautiful day was more than a dream come true. The walk was amazing and we were so glad we made that quick decision to do it right there and then and for two hours my mouth was releasing nonsense words like “OMG!” and “Wow Wee!”

      It really was so beautiful and easy to see why it’s a World Heritage Area.

      My Photo of the Week will be up this morning (my time, in around 20 minutes), you might like to take a look. 🙂



  3. All I can think of is the fun and excitement of this new place for you (all be it very cold). Having visited some (many) years ago the memories come flooding back. There are so many beautiful places in this wondrous world of spender – dare I say – take care – and keep up the good work of being in touch. D

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  4. So beautiful. There is a lake we always go to near the Teton mountain range called Jenny Lake. It’s gorgeous like that, too. You can walk around it or take the ferry to the other side. Lots of camping spaces. I wonder if I can post it on here? I LOVE the Tetons. They’re very craggy. Like the mountains in Middle Earth!

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  5. Um, there’s snow on Cradle Mtn in Clare’s photo… I wouldn’t try it at this time of year. Great views come at the price of rock scrambling and big drop-offs the higher you get…
    Also, I don’t know whether all of the Overland Track to the turnoff up to the summit has been board walked yet, so walking in sneakers is not going to be too much fun for extended periods.
    I’m not trying to put you off Clare – please do some walks if you care to! – but don’t set your sights on the summit of Cradle Mtn necessarily.


    1. The summit is most likely out of the question for me Dayna. I think it would be too hazardous and too cold. Plenty of others to choose from and it’s a lovely sunny day again today. 😄

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  6. Make sure you walk to the top of Cradle Mt, the view is amazing as you can see almost half of Tasmania. Have done it twice and still look forward to the next time.


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