Getting Lost – Epilogue

In 2010, Dean and I had been bushwalking by ourselves for over two years and thought we could improve our knowledge of this activity we enjoyed so much by joining a bushwalking club.

Getting Lost – Epilogue

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During the first walk with the club (the first of four qualifying walks to become full members), I would later find out there had been two inches of rain – rain that caused a mini landslide and the tree to fall and cut me off from the rest of the group.

It was silly of us to think we needed to join a club to learn more about bushwalking because as it turned out, we were sensible in our approach with regards to the equipment and all the safety paraphernalia we carried in our backpacks.

As it also turned out, we were not suited to being constrained by rules and regulations. 

More importantly, we were not the types of walkers who wanted to be held to tight time frames when it came to enjoying the area we had chosen to walk through.

Getting Lost is the story of the first and last time we walked with another group of walkers, and although the experience was far from pleasant for me, it didn’t put me off doing something I thoroughly enjoy.

Dean and I still go bushwalking (or more accurately, bush-ambling) as often as possible and love ‘Getting Lost’ in another world.

Buttress roots perspective.

Just two weeks after my bushwalking misadventure, Dean and I walked the same circuit, but on this occasion, we had plenty of time to thoroughly enjoy the environment through which we walked.

All photos used for this series were taken during that second walk of the circuit.

Author: Clare

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6 thoughts

  1. Ah! I was wondering about the photos.
    May I ask where the walk was? SE Qld?
    It’s for those same reasons we choose not to join a group. Again, I’m so happy you weren’t put off. I don’t know whether I could have gone back to that walk (so soon!) had that been me! Excellent posts, Clare. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Dayna,

      It was not the most pleasant experience. BUT not so bad that it put me off. I love walking in our lovely country somewhere. Dean told me I had to get back on the horse hence the visit to only two weeks later. And yes SEQ.


      Liked by 1 person

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