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Not Quite in No Name Road – But Close

After giving it some serious consideration, we accepted a house sitting job for winter.  Yes, for the next three months (and perhaps a little longer), we are minding someone else’s home in Basin View, a little town in the City of Shoalhaven, New South Wales.  It sits on the shores of St Georges Basin and is only 25 kilometres (15.5 miles) south of Nowra, and slightly less than 200 kilometres (124.2 miles) south of Sydney.

Our mini home is tucked away under cover and we have settled into a beautiful three bedroom home.  We are not merely minding the house, but also babysitting the chooks, the goldfish, and the gardens, which include citrus trees already laden with fruit just beginning to ripen.  I’m sure I can become creative with what I can do with the harvest of oranges and lemons.

We had two stops on the road back to Basin View and here are my thoughts on both.

Thoughts on Location No 33

Gundagai, Riverina, New South Wales

We didn’t visit any of the iconic sites in or near Gundagai, we merely stopped for the night after an epic drive, having driven off the Spirit of Tasmania in the wee hours of Sunday morning (May, 24).

The roads were clear, the traffic minimal, and going good, so we kept going.

We stopped at the Gundagai Cabins & Tourist Park and I must say it was a very bizarre experience indeed.  The park had three rows of roofing covering the caravan sites.  This was not flimsy, but rather, they were very sturdy structures that you parked your caravan under.  Each site was drive through with a private ensuite (if you didn’t want to pay the extra for the ensuite, you didn’t get the key to open the door).

Personally I felt cramped and trapped in an area with no view.

Thoughts on Location No 34

South Durras, South Coast, New South Wales

After leaving Gundagai, we had one more night before the planned arrival in Basin View.  South Durras seemed as good a spot as any, a surf stop for Dean in all honesty as he hadn’t had a surf for two weeks, but it also meant that we only had a short drive the following morning.

We stayed at the Big4 South Durras Holiday Park for the night.  The owners/managers were lovely, so friendly and helpful and the park is situated opposite Durras Main Beach and surrounded by Murramarang National Park, a beautiful location as it was quiet and peaceful and we’d definitely consider staying again.

Back in February, when we were heading towards Melbourne, we deliberately bypassed this area of New South Wales because we knew we would be back here before the end of May.

Although we are committed to being in Basin View for quite some time (relatively speaking), we see this as a wonderful opportunity to get to know this part of our country, much like we just did in Tasmania.  There are amazing beaches to walk and explore, we can go bushwalking, fishing, and perhaps a plethora of other activities I can’t think of right now.

What I’m trying to say is, during the next three months, while we are house sitting, I’m sure I will have plenty of things to talk about and share with you.

When winter is over and we leave Basin View, we will spend more time in the Riverina area of New South Wales before we head back to Torquay in Victoria, the destination we have decided upon from where we will continue our journey around Australia.


Author: Clare

Ever expanding one star at a time, my cosmos is a galaxy of thoughts and creativity where you can find poetry, short stories, photography and so much more.

20 thoughts

  1. No Name road! Ha–I love it.
    And I hope the next few months prove to be as exciting and rewarding as the busy days of travel that have led up to it. I’m seeing marmalade heaven in your future, Clare. I do hope all the fruit is an edible blessing.
    Chickens laying eggs maybe? Fingers crossed for that bit too.
    I’m looking forward to learning all about your new digs and landscape. No doubt you and Dean will have scouted out all available adventures and the posts will leave me wishing I could be there at your side.
    Happy housesitting!


    1. Hi Shelley,

      The ‘girls’ are too old to lay eggs any more, but every so cute all the same and I’ve already been reading up on making marmalade. There are some wonderful books here on caring for the trees and what to do with their fruit.

      Adventure scouting starts today and I’m sure we will just love sitting here for a little while.



  2. I’ve never housesat but think it’s a great idea. It sounds like you’ll be busy! And if I hadn’t already spent some time in AU, I’d have to be asking about chooks! ;D That campground with the coverings sounds innnnnteresting… is that extra protection for blazing sun or torrential storms? I don’t have much experience with campgrounds for trailers but I’ve never heard of that. !! And I love their ensuite option. Ha ha! Did you take them up on it?


    1. Hi Hilary,

      Lovely to hear from you and I just assumed everyone called chickens ckooks 🙂 – silly me. I’m assuming the roofing was protection from the ‘elements’ the Mother Nature throws around – wind, rain, cold, ?? who knows. So far it tops our list as the weirdest thing we’ve come across. We didn’t pay the extra for the use of a private ensuite as our mini home has one anyway.



      1. Yes, it really does sound strange. Perhaps a bit too secure in my mind for camping! I think being in the elements is part of the package when you’re not inside a “proper” home that it somehow attached to the ground. And maybe chicken farmers have a name for them in Canada? I don’t know! But I was amazed at the vocabulary I had to learn spending 3 months in AU. At least once a day I had to ask for interpretation.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. We all have our little idiosyncrasies. I too was surprised by some of the local terminology when I was in Montreal a few years ago. Some that made us laugh because, what seemed very innocent to Canadians was almost considered offensive in Australia. 😄


      3. Oh, I know what you mean. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since I was in AU. It doesn’t seem that long in some ways. My memories are so… well, memorable! I’m not sure when I’ll make it back to AU. I really want to take my family.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Calen,

      We had a wall on one side (where the ensuite was), and on the other side space for another van between us and the next ensuite. The roof was only just above the top of the van and yes, it was creepy.



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