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This weeks Photo of the Week was not taken last week.
(It was taken on May 25, 2015)

More banksia ericifolia
Banksia Ericifolia

Considering last weeks photo turned out to be an environmental weed, this week I thought I would showcase a stunning (Australian) native.

Meet Banksia Ericifolia, a species of woody shrub known for its orange or red autumn inflorescences that contrast with its green fine-leaved heath-like foliage*. 

The flowers can grow up to 500 – 600 mm (19.6 – 23.6 inches)** but these ones were only approx. 300 mm (11.8 inches).  All the same, I hope that impressive size shows in the photos.

Banksia ericifolia

Here are a couple of links to other bloggers who shared their Photo of the Week last week.  Have a look at what they’re photographing and enjoy.

Nancy – Heart Shaped Cloud

Gill – Chao Phraya River (Bangkok)

Thank you Nancy and Gill for sharing your amazing photos.

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    I can still taste the flavour of the steak and the sauce was done to perfection, and the cheese added to a marvellous taste experience.

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