“You can’t touch me!”

Said the fence post to the tree.

Original image
Changed to monochrome

9 Replies to “Architecture”

    1. Hi Amy,

      I thought so too when I saw it and got a few looks from the locals while I was taking the photos.



  1. I’ve seen plenty of bits of fence engulfed by tree but never a post like this one. Very interesting find.


    1. Hey Sue,

      I was a little amazed and wondered who neglected the tree. But then this area was once a ‘weekend getaway spot’, so this probable happened unnoticed to begin with anyway. I did see there’s no fence any more, just a majestic gum grown around the post.


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    1. Hi Calen,

      I’m guessing the tree and post were planted at the same time and the owner had no idea how big the tree was going to grow.


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