Happy Blogiversary

Has it really been a year?

It seems like so much has happened since I started my blog in July last year.

My original intention was to use it to quickly (and easily) keep family and friends updated as we embarked on a trip around Australia.  Let’s face it, posting my thoughts in one convenient location for everyone to read had to be easier than writing copious emails to everyone every week.

Looking back, I know it certainly has fulfilled that purpose, though now I feel it has become much more.

I never thought I would enjoy blogging so much that I would go on to create another blog – My Creative Cosmos – where I showcase my creative writing.  (Ok, I post some silly writing, but ‘showcasing my creative writing’ sounds so much nicer.)

I never thought I would spend so much time carefully taking photographs of the places we find ourselves to share with everyone and that doing so would become very important to me.  (I’m even trying to improve my skills with my camera.)

I never thought I would make friends with so many other bloggers, some of them half way around the world.  (Such is the magic of connections within the blogging community.)

The most amazing thing however, is how far I believe I’ve come as a blogger myself.  When I look back at The First Day of the Rest of My Life, (my first post), it makes me smile.

Hopefully I’ve lived up to my promise and gone on to keep everyone ‘entertained with my ramblings‘ writing about where we’ve been, what we’re seen, and where we’ll find ourselves next.

Our Trip in Brief

An anniversary, even if it’s a blogivarsary, calls for a quick recap.  Since leaving Brisbane in October last year, so far:

  • We’ve spent time in four states
  • We’ve stayed at 35 different locations
  • We’ve been on three separate house sitting jobs
  • We’ve walked along several beaches
  • We’ve walked in several National Parks
  • We’ve also walked in a couple of World Heritage areas
  • I adored The Blue Mountains
  • We both fell in love with Tasmania
  • We sweltered in Ballina
  • And almost froze at Cradle Mountain
  • In February, I started posting a Photo of the Week
    I now post a featured photo every Monday morning
  • Dean got to see Ships Stern Bluff
  • He loved Corindi Beach
    And could easily have said “Let’s live here!”
  • I’ve reviewed 11 Chicken Parmigianas
    That’s an average of one every 3.2 weeks
    About the frequency at which we dine out
  • I’ve published 138 post on this blog
    And incorporated 63 pages of info and images

Our trip has been amazing up to this point and yet there is still so much more to see and do.

By Christmas, we will be in Perth and we anticipate we’ll have another six months or so then before we turn the car back towards home.  (Around July next year – where ever home is going to be.)

Thank you for following us and your kind and (sometimes) witty comments.

I hope you continue to enjoy reading about our trip.

Author: Clare

Ever expanding one star at a time, my cosmos is a galaxy of thoughts and creativity where you can find poetry, short stories, photography and so much more.

16 thoughts

  1. Although I’ve only traveled from Sydney through to Cape York, it was two and one-half weeks of jaw-dropping moments that led me to crave so much more of your beautiful country. But what has truly wet my appetite and has helped to create a wishlist of sites is your blog, Clare. On my next trip over, I plan to scour through your posts and pictures to find the destinations that call to me most.
    Oh, how I wish teleportation was a real thing for humans.
    Congratulations on the big year’s effortful successes. I’m so looking forward to what’s in store for the next one.
    Cheers to you, Clare!


    1. Thank you Shelley,

      I’m in the process of writing a ‘where we’ve been and what’s left to be seen’ list to add to the “Our Trip” page. As much as we’ve already seen, there are so many, many wonderful places still on the list in our heads. I only hope we do fit them in during the next 12 months and (naturally) when you come to visit (again), we simply must enjoy some time together. Perhaps in the company of a good red or single malt – or both. Now, that would make for interesting thoughts and something special to write about 🙂 I’m excited just thinking about it.



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