Wealth, Health, and Stealth

As all the smoke cleared, and the Genie neared,

My heart then started to flutter.

In his rainbow gown, he stood looking down,

As he said, “Speak up, don’t stutter!”


My nerves were all shot, my skin became hot,

And my hands then started to shake.

“Three wishes,” he said. “But watch where you tread,

Be careful, don’t make a mistake!”


“These wishes must be, three only for thee,

You cannot wish for another.

No wish for your dad! It is quite sad, and,

No you can’t wish for your mother.”


He gave a small sigh, and he peered in my eye,

And said, “This can be hard to do.

But if you can ask, and stick to the task,

There’s an extra prize in it for you.”


There must be a trick, to making him tick,

And I then I thought for a while.

“But how can I trust, one made out of dust?”

“You can’t!” He said with a smile.


I thought about this, and thought about bliss,

Thought maybe that I had his measure.

“I’d like a big sack, to heft on my back,

That’s full to brim with gold treasure.”


I thought it was weird, as no bag appeared,

And he said “Three wishes you’re due.”

“That’s number one, now let’s have some fun.

And get on with wish number two.”


So I scratched my chin, and gave a big grin,

And asked to be fit as a fiddle.

He thought I was daft, and he coughed as he laughed,

Holding on to his wobbly middle.


“There’s one more to go, let’s finish this show,

Hurry up I’m starting to tire.

You’ll want your last wish, come on make it swish,

Just tell me of your deepest desire.”


I stood up so tall, not frightened at all,

And told him I needed to hide.

“With good looks and gold, my life may unfold,

I’ll need to hang onto my pride.”


As he clapped his hands, I thought of my plans,

Now finally coming to pass.

But I failed to see, him grinning at me,

I know now I’d been such an arse.


On my wrists are the bands, he’d worn near his hands,

And I fear I’ve started to wobble.

I turn in to smoke, as he gives me a poke,

And I disappear into his bottle.


I’ve gold in a sack, to heft on my back,

And I’m no longer round and rotund.

I’m hidden from all, here for the long haul,

Of his antics I must say I’m stunned.


So I sit and I sigh, as he waves me goodbye,

And know that he’d spoken the truth.

I’ve wealth, health, and stealth, now all to myself,

And the prize is the fountain of youth.

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Author: Clare

Ever expanding one star at a time, my cosmos is a galaxy of thoughts and creativity where you can find poetry, short stories, photography and so much more.

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