Where To Next

Leaving Basin View is All We Can Think About

Ok, perhaps it’s all I can think about, but more than my mind (constantly) wondering towards hitching up our mini home and getting back on the road, is the burning question:

Where do we go next?

Our Trip So FarWe’ve been here in Basin View for more than eight weeks, and with a little over 50% of our house sitting commitment now behind us, we have started planning the next phase of our adventure.

Our original intention was always to travel around the outside and, since leaving Brisbane in October last year, we’ve driven just over 6,000 kilometres (3,728.2 miles) and, mostly, stuck to the outside.

We certainly have a lot more of this amazing country to travel between now and July next year when we anticipate we’ll arrive at our final destination – home! (Brisbane, Queensland, if in fact, home is still home.)

The following is a rough map detailing (at a very high level), the 16,876 kilometres (10,486 miles) that will take us from Basin View back to Brisbane, with a few minor diversions along the way.

Where To Next

Of course, driving from Basin View directly back to Brisbane would be a mere 1,115 kilometres (692.8 miles), but what would be the fun in that?

. . .

The Next Leg

With Perth our destination for Christmas, we will have 14 weeks in which to get there.

In September we will head directly to Torquay in Victoria where we will then begin the long haul past Adelaide and up to Uluru.  With any luck the heat will not arrive before we do.  After Uluru, we will then work our way back to Port Lincoln in South Australia and then head out across the Nullarbor Plain to Western Australia.

I must say, I am rather excited about driving on the Eyre Highway and seeing the Great Australian Bight.  We will be leaving Perth in late January, heading north, with no timetable, no plan, and no constraints beyond our own budget.

Can you help?

By the time we leave Victoria behind at the end of September, we will be entering into the great unknown, finally venturing into territory neither of us have been before and although we have a rough plan of where we’d like to go, we have no idea about what’s out there.

South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory are parts of our country that hide amazing, breathtaking treasures just waiting to be found, if only you know where to look.

So we’re asking for your help in planning the final leg of our adventure.

If you’ve been to this part of our country, please take a minute to leave a comment and tell us about ‘where’ you think we should go or ‘what’ you believe we must see?

Here’s my list – Our ‘TO DO’ List – and as you’ll see it isn’t a very big list.  With your help though, it might become considerable with an amazing assortment of places to go and things to do the keep us busy (very busy) for the next ten months.

(Before submitting a suggestion, please keep in mind that Dean and I love to visit National Parks and go bushwalking and, in most cases, enjoy activities that are free or require a minimal monetary outlay.)

14 Replies to “Where To Next”

  1. Hi Clare, Peter and I toured around the southern parts of W.A. a few years ago, with a hire car, staying overnight at Bed and Breakfasts. We particularly liked the Pemberton area with the tree walk, way up there, looking down on the riff raff!!!! One day we’ll do exactly what you’re doing, but towing a small house boat behind us instead of a van. I’ll bet you’re glad not to be in St. Helens right now, with the wild weather they’ve experienced in the past 48 hours, snow down to 100 metres in Hobart. Any idea why we’re in Brisbane and not Hobart???


    1. Hey Betty,

      We may have to find that tree walk at Pemberton. I’m sure we will enjoy the view. Rather glad we are no longer at St Helens, it may very weel have been too cold for us.



    1. Thanx Amy,

      We are certainly looking forward to this next stage and the amazing places in which we’ll find ourselves lost.



  2. Sorry I can’t help out with places to visit, but enjoy your travels, what an amazing trip! 🙂


  3. How exciting 🙂 on your way to Perth you must (no choice) go through a tiny town called Kimba, on the eyre pen, its half way across Australia – you see it as there is a big galah statue there at the roadhouse. Yvette and I grew up in this town – holds only the very best of memories – so stop wander around, go to the pub for a beer – if you say the Pinkstone name someone will remember “the Pinky’s”
    PS am loving all your posts Clare. Miss ya


    1. Hi Kylie,

      Consider it on the list. I’d be honoured to visit your home town and trek the pathways you and Yvette walked growing up.

      Miss you too – or is that two?



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