Basin View – Part 2

Ongoing Thoughts on Location No 35

Basin View, Illawarra Region, New South Wales

When we first arrived in Basin View, the weather wasn’t very nice.  See Basin View – Part 1, but of late, this has changed somewhat.  The cold is dissipating and so is the constant rain.  Actually, it hasn’t rained (heavily) for almost three weeks and the days are almost pleasant.

With August now upon us, our house sitting commitment is nearly completed and our time on the road about to begin again.  It’s a little like starting the Countdown all over again, only this time we’re already Packed, Stacked and Racked (as of almost 12 months ago, and thank goodness.  Who would want to repeat that?).

All we have to do this time is load ourselves back into our mini home, hitch it to the car, and take off.  But with leaving Basin View only 23 days away, there are a couple of outstanding items on the list that we have to attend to.

Our trip to Hyams Beach has to be repeated to witness for ourselves the whitest sand in the world.  The day we were there, the sun was low, the clouds were high, and the sand didn’t appear all that white to me.  Dean was of the same opinion, so we have to see for ourselves what the sand looks like on a clear, sunny day.

On our trip to Fitzroy Falls, we didn’t take the East Rim wildflower walking track because there wouldn’t have been any wildflowers blooming beyond those we’d seen walking the West Rim.

Though we haven’t decided yet whether or not to revisit this section Moreton National Park.

Perhaps we may venture into other areas of the park, after all, there are 199,745 hectares to explore (493,580.6 acres), and I’ve no doubt, wildflowers to found anywhere and everywhere come the beginning of September.

Wherever it is we decide to go, I’m hoping to see a waratah which, according to Wikipedia, generally flower over a 4 – 6 week period in spring (September – October)”

Speaking of wildflowers, my featured image above showcases the wattle that is blooming everywhere at the moment.  I believe it’s Coast Wattle and the photo was taken along the road between Basin View and Nowra, where the blooms line the highway making for a spectacular sight when the suns hits them at the right angle.

I know I covered where we will be heading in Where To Next, but what I didn’t say was that our first stop (Torquay, Victoria) will see us spending a lovely weekend with our two youngest daughters and the men in their lives.  Unfortunately our eldest daughter (who lives in Brisbane, Queensland) will not be able to join us this time, but she has a good excuse.  She will be holidaying in Greece and yes, I’ve asked for photographic proof, and a souvenir.

While in Torquay, Dean is really looking forward to surfing Bells Beach, and I’m just looking forward to catching up with (two of) our girls.  (Sorry boys, looking forward to seeing you too.)

Author: Clare

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8 thoughts

  1. I can’t believe the house sitting section is nearly over. Where did the time fly? And the wattle (never heard of wattle before other than when referred to an older woman’s loose neck skin–maybe that’s a sick American thing), sooo lovely.
    And wahoo! The girls! How wonderful, Clare. I’m guessing there will be much joy. So much to do in only three weeks’ time!


    1. Hey Shelley,

      I must remember I have readers who are not native to Australia and explain myself better. Wattle, specifically Golden Wattle, is Australia’s national floral emblem. (And used to refer to a woman’s loose neck-skin here also.) I’ve never seen blooms like this before as wattle isn’t prevalent in Queensland because it’s too hot. I hope I get some better photos before we leave.

      The one negative thing about travelling is being so far from our girls, even if being close previously meant a two hour flight. By comparison, on the road we may as well be on another continent. I can hardly wait to see them and the excitement of doing so is building 🙂



    1. Hey Calen,

      I was suffering a little bit of “homesickness” a few months ago (when we first arrived here). But after sitting still for so long, I (we) can’t wait to get back on the road.

      There really is something very therapeutic about the nomadic lifestyle, staying where you want, for as long as you want, and moving on when it suits you. 🙂


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