Today Could be a Fine Day!

Granted, we had some sunshine yesterday, but for the first time in over a week, the sun broke through the clouds at sunrise, even if only briefly, as the rain started to fall again before I could finish typing my thoughts – D’oh!

Anyway, this is just a quick post to let family and friends know that Dean and I are ok.  We’ve been holed up, riding out the deluge that inundated the south coast of New South Wales this week due to a very slow moving low pressure system.

It’s hard to identify (exactly) how much rain fell where we are, but the surrounding areas have had recorded falls of between 359 and 477 millimetres.  For those who can’t picture rainfall in millimetres, that’s between 13.3 and 18.7 inches, with the heaviest falls recorded on Monday and Tuesday (25th and 26th).

It was a little scary there for awhile and you know it’s bad when you can’t sleep for the sound of the rain hitting the roof.  People were evacuated from homes not too far from here, but Basin View is on the top of a little hill, so there was no immediate danger for us.

If you’re interested in seeing some photos, there’s a really good image gallery here: ABC News

Hopefully the rain will stop soon and we’ll get a bit of sunshine to dry things out.

Author: Clare

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8 thoughts

  1. Whew! Those are some incredibly impressive pictures, Clare. Here in the states, the last week has been filled with stories and footage of Hurrican Katrina that hit New Orleans ten years ago and nearly wiped it off the face of the map. I can only dream of how frightening a scenario it must be.
    And as much as I adore falling asleep to the sound of rain on my copper roof, waking up and realizing you’re house is now a small cruise ship is not going to produce a ‘rise and shine’ kind of an attitude.
    Be safe, stay dry, keep cheerful (and your nose above the waterline!).

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    1. Thanx Shelley,

      It’s almost incomprehensible that it has been ten years since Hurricane Katrina wreaked so much devastation and sadness. Having lived in cyclone prone north Queensland for more than 26 years, I’ve been lucky to survive the violence thrust upon that part of my country, and it can be so frightening knowing you are completely at the mercy of Mother Nature.

      Luckily, we’ve been spared from the damage and flood waters around here. Today is day two of sunshine. After an entire week I’ve (almost) dried all the washing 🙂



  2. We had a weekend away at Point Lookout, Straddie (Qld). Stephen described the storm on Saturday night like being in a washing machine. I didn’t hear a thing. Ditto with a summer holiday in Walhalla (Vic). And the list goes on.
    But I look forward to sunshine too – better for both my camera and for riding my bike. 🙂


    1. Hi Dayna,

      I couldn’t agree more on all points. Dean and I seem to have an unwanted penchant for striking bad weather, but c’est la vie, and we know all too well how nasty Brisbane storms can be. ‘Like being in washing machine’ is a perfect description, just sprinkle in some lightening and thunder and if you’re not careful you wake up in Oz ( 🙂 pardon the pun).

      Yesterday was the most beautiful day, we only need a few more like that to dry everything out completely.


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    1. It was Calen,

      And sadly, the rain is still lingering but thankfully, only scattered showers. Albeit, some of those showers have been a little on the heavy side, at least they’ve been intermingled with a precious few rays of sunshine.



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