Moss Vale Cherry Blossoms

A Lovely Way to Spend the Day

We received a safety recall notice from our vehicle manufacturer and the nearest dealer was 84 kilometres (52.1 miles) away in Moss Vale in the New South Wales Southern Highlands.  Not a great distance to travel, but factor in the two mountain ranges, and four sections currently undergoing road works, the ‘trip’ took us a little over 1½ hours.

After arriving at the dealership and handing the car over, we then had two hours to kill and spent this time enjoying a coffee and walking up and down a section of the main street where cherry blossoms are blooming.

Cherry Blossom close up
Beautiful Cherry Blossom close up

The trees are loaded with masses of flowers.  Some have not bloomed, and others are dying but made for a wonderful sight when the wind hit them scattering their petals.

Back at the dealership, with the manufacturer’s problem rectified, and the car washed (wow, I did not expect that), we then headed back, stopping off at Fitzroy Falls on the way past and having a quick walk around.  After all the rain the area has had, the falls were absolutely roaring with the gushing water spilling over the edge.

It was too early to see many wildflowers, but I managed to photograph a couple of early bloomers.

By the time we arrived back in Basin View, we’d been gone all day.

It was a very lovely way to spend the first day of Spring.

Cherry Blossoms and Fitzroy Falls

Author: Clare

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    1. Thanx Calen,

      And I hope you believe me when I say I don’t edit them. Straighten them – yes, but I don’t enhance or adjust the colour without saying that I did so. I’m so happy I have a camera that captures exactly what I’m looking at.



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