Torquay (Finally)

Thoughts on Location No 41

Torquay, Barwon South West, Victoria

Not so long ago, the thought of spending a week in Torquay seemed half a lifetime away.  We were in Basin View at the time, had been for eight weeks, and thought we should start planning where we should go next.  Torquay seemed like a good place to start the rest of our trip around Australia and presented us with the added bonus of spending the weekend with two of our daughters.

Melissa and Shelley
Melissa and Shelley

Our weekend with the girls was great, fabulous actually, with 27°C and 28°C (80.6°F / 82.4°F) and beautiful clear blue skies across Saturday and Sunday.  It was so nice to walk around without a jumper on. (Melissa eventually took her jumper off.)

But . . . (oh yes, here it comes), that lovely weather didn’t last long with showers arriving on Tuesday, and both Wednesday and Thursday had daytime maximums of 16°C (60.8°F) – but only briefly and for the most part were rather cool.  Mix the showers together with the cold temperatures and chilly winds and it certainly felt like the long, cold fingers of winter were grasping for just a little longer and we were quickly diving for our jumpers and long pants.

. . .

Torquay is not only the gateway to the Great Ocean Road, and Victoria’s best surf beaches, it’s also home to the Australian National Surfing Museum.  We had to go and have a look as this museum chronicles Australia’s contribution to the development of surfing around the world with both permanent displays and temporary exhibitions of surfing artefacts and memorabilia.

It was really good to see this side of Australia’s surfing heritage and beach culture.

. . .

We stayed at the Torquay Holiday Park, situated on the Surf Coast Highway, and just a short drive away from Bells Beach.  Sure we could have stayed closer to the water, but we’d have paid a lot more money to do so, and where we were was fine and so quite.

Across the weekend, the park was busy with all cabins full, but for the most part, and for more than half our stay, we were the only people with a caravan on a van site.  Perhaps that’s why it was so quiet.

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