My (New) Happy Place

Annie’s Lane, Quelltaler Estate

Clare Valley, South Australia

Annie's Lane
Annie’s Lane – My (New) Happy Place

With our next destination Port Augusta, Dean and I could have taken the short road from Adelaide, but instead, we took the inner road up through the Clare Valley, one of South Australia’s famous wine districts.

Annie’s’ Lane is the home of my favourite wine – Annie’s Lane Cabernet Merlot.  It’s a vibrant wine, deep-red in colour, with fragrant aromas of blackberry, dried plums and choc mint.  The excellent depth of berry flavours is balanced by subtle cedar oak nuances.  Ok, I am not a wine connoisseur, but I do especially love Annie’s Lane Cabernet Merlot.

We stopped by for a quick look.  The Cellar Door is open seven days a week and has a little museum attached.  We were the only people there at the time, and it was lovely walking through the museum, looking at the old wine making equipment and memorabilia.  Here’s a few more photos to enjoy.

With a few bottles of wine and a couple of personalised wine glasses carefully packed into the back of the car, we said goodbye to the home of Annie’s Lane, the heritage listed Quelltaler Estate, a beautiful estate that dates back to 1863.

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  1. How beautiful! I’m happy ANYWHERE there’s wine, but vineyards are something special. Plato is part owner of a vineyard. I think they’re fascinating. Years ago Drollery and I actually talked about buying a small one up in Idaho.


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