Photo of the Week

This weeks Photo of the Week was taken Thursday
(October 29, 2015)

Peninsula Dragon photographed at Cummins Lookout
Peninsula Dragon photographed at Leo Cummings Monument Lookout

After leaving Coffin Bay, Dean and I stopped by the Leo Cummings Monument Lookout, a memorial to Leo Cummings who was lost at sea when the fishing trawler he was on was wrecked in June of 1959.

Besides the monument and the rugged coastline, there was something far more interesting that we saw at the lookout, and I will write about that soon, but I was really taken by this little guy who scampered across the rocks and then simply stopped and posed for me to take his photo.  A pose worthy of Photo of the Week.

I think he or she is a Peninsula Dragon, but I’m no expert in lizard identification.

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