What Else We Found

At Leo Cummings Monument Lookout

As I said on Monday, there was something else far more interesting that we saw at the Leo Cummings Monument Lookout.  Not that the little Peninsula Dragon wasn’t interesting, but as promised, here it is.

Rugged coastline – that’s Dean, the black dot on the right-hand side of the cliff edge.
Very rugged limestone cliffs and one solo limestone stack. Look close, I’m standing near the top of the cliff.
Finally we noticed something on top of the limestone stack.
An enormous bird nest that obviously belongs to a bird of prey. But what bird of prey?
It was hard to et a clear
It was hard to get a clear image with the wind, but I persisted.
Finally getting a clear shot of the birds in the nest.

I then hopped online and let my fingers do the walking, discovering these birds are Osprey, or perhaps Eastern Osprey, and according to the BirdLife Australia website, rare in South Australia.

When speaking to the lady at the Ceduna Information Centre, she said we were very lucky to have seen them.

Lucky?  No – we were thrilled.

Author: Clare

Ever-expanding one star at a time, my cosmos is a galaxy of thoughts and creativity where you can find poetry, short stories, photography and so much more.

6 thoughts

    1. Hi Calen,

      I still cannot believe we saw them. They are rare in this part of our country and therefore I feel we stumbled upon something very special. More blue to come in the next few weeks and months 🙂



  1. Thank goodness for 20x telephoto lens!!! Or is it even a greater magnification? Regardless, a great pic and an A+ for perseverance. Bruce


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