Cape Le Grand National Park

From One Slice of Heaven to Another

From Esperance we didn’t expect to be travelling east quite so soon, but a short 30 minutes drive back towards the sunrise saw us entering Cape Le Grand National Park.

Despite the sign at the gate indicating the park was full, we took a chance and entered anyway, mini home in tow.  It was 11 am on Sunday morning, and as the sign had last been updated at 11 am the day before, I thought surely someone had to go to work on Monday morning.

There was still a five-minute drive to reach the campgound and luck was on our side with a group of campers leaving just as we arrived.  There are 15 camping spots, each nestled among coastal trees and shrubs that provide an element of privacy and a little protection against the winds.

The time we spend in the park was lovely and there were many gorgeous areas we saw during our stay.

The Amazing Beaches

(As you can see, we had to contend with grey skies and the photos don’t do the white sand justice.  It was blindingly bright – when the sun hit it. )

Other Amazing Things

And Spectacular Sunsets

There was also an absolute wonderland of wildflowers we spent more than 30 minutes walking through when we went bushwalking.  But that’s the subject of another thought I’ll prepare and publish shortly.  Stay tuned.

. . .

The facilities at the Cape Le Grand National Park Campground include a camp kitchen with gas barbecues, flushing toilets and solar-powered hot showers though you have to get in quick if you want a shower that is slightly hotter than luke-warm.  There are also on-site (volunteer) campground hosts to collect your camping fees and ensure you enjoyed your stay.  All of this for $10/adult/night – Wow!*

We stayed four nights and the peace and serenity was lovely.  We were in Site No 1 and I have to admit, I was surprised at the comings and goings of the other campers.  Many stayed just the one night, others (like us) settled in for a bit longer.

I was sorry to be moving on, but we are on a time frame of sorts.

* Many of the National Parks in Western Australia attract an entry fee, the collection of which goes towards maintaining and improving the parks and their available facilities.  We purchased an Annual Pass that will allow us enter as many parks as we wish over the coming months.

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