Photo of the Week

This weeks Photo of the Week was taken Friday
(November 20, 2015)

Red Green Kangaroo Paw
Red and Green Kangaroo Paw

Another floral emblem, this time the emblem of Western Australia.

Red and Green Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos manglesii) is only one of the 11 species, and several subspecies, of the genus Anigozanthos which is restricted to the south-west of Western Australia.  Its common name, Kangaroo Paw, is derived from the appearance of the unopened cluster of flowers.  They do resemble the front paw of a kangaroo.

Kangaroo Paw comes in a variety of colours – red, yellow, orange, green and, red and green, and have even been bred to be vibrant pink, white, lime green, and even lilac in colour (Click here to read more).

I have been amazed at how prolific this plant is throughout the Great Southern and South West regions of Western Australia.  As we have travelled through these regions, we have seen the more common varieties growing wild in paddocks, along the side of the road, and even noticed it proudly planted in gardens.

Yet the Red and Green Kangaroo Paw remained elusive until I finally spotted it growing in a garden bed in the Margaret River town centre.

Here’s a few more photos I took last Friday.

When I have a garden again, I will have to plant some Kangaroo Paw.

Author: Clare

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