Thoughts on Location No 66

Augusta, South West, Western Australia

On December 6, 1801, Captain Matthew Flinders sighted Cape Leeuwin and commenced the mapping of the Australian coast.  He was the first to circumnavigate Australia and identify it as a continent.  Augusta lies on Flinders Bay which is named in his honour.

With the weather turning a little nasty, heralding some rain and no sign of swell around for Dean to surf, we took a little trip south to Augusta, the southernmost town on the south west coast of Western Australia.  But truth be known we were only there to visit Jewel Cave (See Beneath Margaret River) and to see for ourselves where two ocean smash into each other.

With the Southern Ocean swell coasting to the left and the Indian Ocean swell rolling to the right:

At the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse you can stand and witness where these two oceans meet each other.

Where two oceans meet
Where two oceans meet

It certainly was something to see and not the only thing to look at.  We spent some time exploring the lighthouse vicinity.

We even took time to explored the site of the old waterwheel, originally built to supply water for the construction of the lighthouse, and later for the lighthouse keepers and residents of the lighthouse cottages.  It has not been used for many, many years and is now encrusted with calcified lime.

. . .

We stayed at the Flinders Bay Caravan Park and it was a delight to do so.  The park is a few minutes drive south of Augusta, nestled on the shores of Flinders Bay, and was clean, loved, and well looked after.  The staff were very friendly and helpful and the site we were allocated very large and generous.

The park has private beach access where we enjoyed a stroll along the shores of Flinders Bay.  It was a little sad to note that this was the last time we’d wade in the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean.

We also enjoyed some fantastic fish and chips for lunch one day and although the cost of one piece of fish was enough for us to say we’d only buy one and share, the serving we received was more than enough for two people.  We were very glad we didn’t buy two.

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