Photo of the Week

Better late than never.

This weeks Photo of the Week was taken Saturday
(December 19, 2015)

Litoria Moorei
Litoria Moorei – the Motorbike Frog

Although often referred to as a ‘tree frog’, this  is Litoria Moorei, commonly referred to as the Motorbike Frog and found in Australia’s south west, from Geralton to Albany.  They are the most commonly encountered frog in Perth suburban gardens, and usually the first species to colonise or breed in a new backyard pond.  We were in Rockingham when this little guy paid us a visit.

The photo really doesn’t do him justice.  He looked like he was encrusted with emeralds.

Litoria Moorei’s common name comes from its call which has two components: a rising series of tones that sound just like a motorbike changing gears, followed by a series of warbling growls.  We didn’t hear him, but we certainly saw him.

7 Replies to “Photo of the Week”

    1. Hi Hilary,

      He was only little and so ‘christmassie’ in his appearance. Hope your day has been lovely.



      1. Yours, too! We finally got outside into the below -15C weather this afternoon between the meals, gifts and playing for a bit with our wee one who’s got the sniffles. It was a hoot to hear squeals and squeaks dragging our peanut around the backyard in the sleds. 😀


          1. Wow! It was +2 (max) when I was there in 2009 and that was cold enough for me.


          2. Ha ha! I imagine. Hitoshi was sure he was going to die the first time he came to Canada. It was Christmas, even colder than usual, (as in -40C) and we bundled him up in as many layers as we could find to get him out for a walk. 😀


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