Cabernet & Canvas

Tuning in to watch WA Weekender one lazy Saturday afternoon sometime back in November, there was a delightful article about Cabernet & Canvas, a Perth based art entertainment experience where, (together with the help of an expert), you create your very own masterpiece, with a brush in one hand, and a glass of wine in the other!

How could I resist?

I was hoping to get into a class to paint my version of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, and must admit I was a little disappointed I couldn’t, but I got over that and booked us in.

Tonight, Dean and I are off to enjoy a glass of wine and swing a brush or two.

Or should that be, swing a brush and enjoy a glass or two?

After The Rain

After the Rain – An original painting by Cabernet & Canvas owner, Ella Dent.

Either way, tomorrow I’ll share our versions of Ella’s masterpiece, but I warn you, the results may not be as impressive as the original.


  1. Nothing like a drop of wine to get the paintbrush creating something awesome!! – not too sure about a steady hand though. Looking forward to your next posting to see the masterpiece that you and Dean create!



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