C is for Moon

There’s no witty haiku to accompany my photo today, just sombre thoughts for those who have suffered lose following devastating bushfires in Western Australia’s south west.

One blaze was not far from where we are staying and a little too close for comfort for my liking.

In the early evening, as smoke filled our lungs and the sky darkened, The Moon shone through like a beacon of hope.

Bushfire Moon
Bushfire Moon – Photographed January 14, 2016

In response to the WordPress Photo Challenge Alphabet

18 Replies to “C is for Moon”

    1. Yes we are, but there are so many families who have been devastated, having lost everything.


    1. Yes Debbie – In WA and yesterday they (Parks and Wildlife Dept) shut down some waterways because the water quality had been affected by falling ash and soot.


    1. Thank you for your thoughts and kinds words. We are lucky enough to be out of the danger area.


  1. Thinking of you – “Be Safe” and take care on the continuing journey ….


    1. It will be very nice to see some rain. I hope you are not in any danger over there in SA.


  2. (from California, another place afflicted by drought and fire):

    May your “C” as in challenge
    be a “C” as in comfort
    before the next crescent moon.

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