Beautiful Sandstone

It is hard to imagine the forces of nature that produced such stunningly beautiful red and white banded sandstone.

Tumblagooda Sandstone is a geological formation deposited between four to five hundred million years ago and is now exposed on the west coast of Australia.

Tumblagooda Sandstone, Kalbarri National Park, Western Australia
This is breathtakingly beautiful

In response to the WordPress Photo Challenge Vibrant

Author: Clare

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7 thoughts

  1. So beautiful! It reminds me of the sandstone around the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon! I did not see this post in my reader. However… I have not been on my computer as of late. Been on my phone. So that could be why.,
    If ever you come into the states… And come to the Grand Canyon… We must try to meet!! How fun would that be!


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