Shell Beach

One of the main attractions of Shark Bay, besides the sharks and dolphins and all the other wildlife and sealife, is the world-famous Shell Beach, renown for being covered in millions, and millions of shells.  Countless shells in fact.

Signage in the area tells of the high salinity of the water in the L’Haridon Bight and the cockle species Fragum erugatum that has adapted to this higher concentration of salt, and hence proliferated because its natural predators have not.

The result is amazing to see for yourself – shells, shells and more shells, and just a little bit of sand, although the shells have been measured between 7 and 10 metres deep (22.1 and 32.9 feet) along the 100 kilometre beach (62.2 miles).

There are other shells to be found, and some full of colour closer to the water’s edge, but predominately, the beach is littered in tiny white cockle shells.  I expected to hear the sound of crunching shells beneath our feet but didn’t.  I guess the howling wind carried the sound way.

Dean and I had a lovely time carving words into the shells.

And making hand held hearts.


Author: Clare

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  1. That’s absolutely amazing – and would have been awesome to be there…. Can’t believe that they are between 7 and 10 metres deep. Enjoy !


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